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Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 10

Last episode on Mawaru Penguindrum was a flashback/dream sequence/drug trip/allegory for 17th century Korean politics.  The issue of what has happened to our poor protagonist who was hit by a car, or what has happened to the titular Penguin Drum that got torn in half, has been sitting in abeyance for a week.  Probably they will resolve it in episode 10 of Mawaru Penguindrum, but the resolution is likely to only raise more questions.

…thirty minutes pass…

Shoulda asked him what he wanted before you invested all this time in it. Or at least you should not have asked him after.

So there’s another penguin-person.  That’s the big thing to take away from this episode.  And the weird woman with the crossbow is working for him, and it sure seems like he’s told her a lot more than the protagonist’s penguin-person has told him, and given her a lot more magic powers.   If nothing else, she’s in a better position because she’s actually the one trying to initiate her yandere Project M, rather than having to identify Ringo, identify which of Ringo’s possessions is the Penguin Drum, and then somehow cajole her into letting them have a look-see at it.  You can bet if the diary had been in Kanba’s hands from the start, it wouldn’t have gotten ripped off by a strange woman on a motorcycle.  (Did you see him dodge those crossbow shots?  He’s got skills.)  And if the penguin queen had been working with Ringo from the start, she probably could have done better on her Project M.  Those penguins are useful for infiltrating and planting spy cameras and drugging people’s food.

I’m trying to figure out how the relations work out between the characters.  Ringo and crossbow-chick both talk about Project M, and they both want that diary.  That can’t be a coincidence.  So, how are they related?  Crossbow-chick is a former lover of Kanba, Kanba is given a quest to get the diary by the penguin queen, Ringo has the diary. The diary is the only causative link between the two. So why does crossbow-chick want the diary? Hell, why does the penguin queen want it? Ringo wants it because it tells her how behave in order to bear that teacher’s child. Let’s assume that it is an artifact of power and not a mere keepsake. In that case, maybe its power is to initiate Project M between any man/woman pair. That would explain why crossbow-chick wants it, she wants Kanba. It doesn’t explain why the penguin queen wants it though…

Here’s a flight of fancy that would account for all of these things.  Let’s say that the penguin-people come to people who are desperate in their loves and need to call upon magical powers to accomplish their ends.  That certainly describes the crossbow-chick.  It also describes Kanba – he’s desperately in love with Himari, and she had died.  It also describes Ringo, so let’s further say that she has her own penguin-person which she has been keeping secret.  So we have these three competitors, each seeking out the diary so they can carry out Project M.  That means that Shou is just a bit player, a pawn in Kanba’s game against Ringo and crossbow-chick.

It doesn’t seem right to say that Ringo has her own penguin-person.  She doesn’t act like it, and if she had someone telling her what to do and shouting SURVIVAL STRATEGY at her, she would probably do smarter things.  So maybe it was her sister Momoka who had the penguin-person, and used the diary to get the guy?  That would explain why she died, in the end she lost the Survival Strategy war… but then wouldn’t the winner have taken the diary from her?  And that wouldn’t explain why Ringo is such a huge yandere.  I mean sometimes people are yanderes naturally, but it seems like kind of a big coincidence given Kanba and crossbow-chick.  And there’s that whole unexplained sequence where Himari is the bride of fate.

Maybe Himari and Mario are supposed to get Project M going between the two of them, and Ringo is just confused about things because she read an instruction manual on an artifact of power that was not meant for her use.  And then crossbow-chick stole the diary because Ringo wasn’t giving it up to Shou and Kanba, she’s actually in league with the penguin queen, it’s just that the penguin queen is not sharing all her intentions with Shou and Kanba.  And then crossbow-chick is messing with Kanba’s head because she has to get Kanba out of the way before Project M can proceed.  Kanba would definitely object to two aliens boning down while one of them was possessing his sister’s body.  This doesn’t explain the yandere angle though I guess.  I dunno, maybe there’s something in the water.


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