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Usagi Drop – Episode 10

I hear Usagi Drop is ending soon.  More to the point, I hear it’s already ended, but I’ve been busy with school and haven’t been keeping up on watching it, so I still have two episodes to go to catch up.  Two episodes probably isn’t long enough to do a compelling arc where Daikichi fights Rin’s mother for custody, so I guess we’re safe on that score.  There’s still probably time for him to put the moves on that divorcee mom in earnest – that’s be a continuation of last episode, so it would be a three-episode arc, which is plenty long for a conclusion.  Most likely, though, we’ll just get a pair of slice of life episodes and it will stop.  Well, that’s fine, that’s what I signed up for, that’s what I like in slice of life shows.  I’m hoping nothing of import happens in episode 10 of Usagi Drop, and we can just coast to a relaxing finish.

…thirty minutes pass…

:eyebrows: Looks like we're getting the divorcee route after all.

Poor Rin.  Getting sick is no fun, and kids get sick more often and worse than adults do.  Kids are less likely to have urgent stuff they need to do even though they’re sick (working while sick really is no fun), but they have less stuff to do in general.  More of their time is playtime, and so illness has a higher opportunity cost for them.  There’s also the issue that if children die of their illnesses, they’re losing out on more of their lives.  If the divorcee dies of this disease, it’s not such a big deal, she’s already had her fun, she’s had a child to carry on her genes, and she even has a bond established between her child and a sap who would probably be willing to raise him for her.  If Rin had died, well, she would have gotten to skip high school I guess, that would have been a small mercy, but it would have cut off her entire future.

It would be nice if people would refrain from spreading their plagues around, and we would have less to worry about in these regards.  I’ve heard it argued that many of our efforts to combat the spread of disease are counterproductive, they only work to breed better diseases and weaken our immune systems.  My opinion is, if you want a strong immune system eat cultured foods like yogurt, and if you want not to breed better diseases you should stay quarantined until the disease you have is fully dead.  The bugs you have in your system at the very end as you’re recovering are going to be the strongest of the population, the ones your immune system was least able to kill.  I guess the point was that those mothers didn’t care about not breeding better diseases – they cared only about themselves and their children.  They have the antibodies now, Rin can die for all they care.  Just another way in which we see the evils and hypocrisies of the adults in this show, compared to Kouki’s willingness to risk infection to support Rin in her time of need.

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