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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 24

Last time on Hanasaku Iroha, Ohana wound up back in Tokyo through various plot machinations,  where she came face to face with Kou-chan.  This is bad.  If they start comparing stories, they might realize that neither of them had actually been intentionally dumped by the other, they just each jumped to conclusions on account of their ordinary teenage self-loathing.  And then they might get back together!  That would be a disaster, Ohana deserves better than that mopey spineless chump.  She can be mopey at times too, but she bonborus, she smashes through the barriers in her way with earnestness and hard work.  Kou-chan, as near as I can tell, does not have a single redeeming quality.  Here’s hoping Ohana comes to her senses before she does something she regrets in episode 24 of Hanasaku Iroha.

…thirty minutes pass…

Fair enough, I guess he does have one redeeming quality.

Well, the reckoning in the Kou-chan/Ohana romance has been delayed until the Bonbori festival, but the way they were clasping one another’s hands and weeping, things are not looking good.  I guess we can only hope that Ohana finds some sort of useful analogy in the closure of the Kissui Inn that leads her to realize what a bad idea getting back together with him would be.  If the landlady turns out to be the one in the right, I could definitely see the analogy.  Everybody wants to work at Kissui Inn, but that’s just because that’s all they know, and the prospects of going somewhere new are scary.  Enishi isn’t cut out to run an inn, he should be off making movies, but he decided he was going to take over, bonborued to learn how to run an inn, and now he is not eager to let all that hard work go to waste.  That’s the danger of the bonboru philosophy, of earnestly surmounting the challenges in front of you.  Sometimes it really is right to get discouraged!  Don’t decide to spend your life working at an inn because you happen to be standing in an inn right now.  There are taxis that can take you to other places you might do work you enjoy more.  The bonboru philosophy has the power to smash through the barriers standing in your way, but sometimes there is an easier path without as many barriers, and sometimes the barriers you smash through are guardrails on a cliff.

I don’t think the landlady is going to win this one, though.  The entire labor force of Kissui Inn is united against her; she is minutes away from staring down a communist revolution to seize the means of production.  For now she can count on the known class traitor Ohana to do her bidding, but with Enishi brazenly disobeying orders and taking control of the lines of communication, I suspect her regime does not have long to last.  And the moral of the story is “stick with what’s safe and comfortable and never strive for anything better”.  And Ohana will marry Kou-chan, because even if he’s pretty worthless he has kind eyes and a neat trick for eating corn soup, and the two of them will take over Kissui Inn and forget the thousand other things they might have wanted to do with their lives.


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