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Usagi Drop – Episode 9

Last episode on Usagi Drop, Rin’s mom got a chance to sneak a peek at Rin, and it seemed to have triggered some maternal instinct in her.  Combine that with the fact that Daikichi did not end up officially adopting Rin, and there could be trouble brewing.  I mean, maybe I’m paranoid, but it just doesn’t seem like the play to wave your daughter-aunt around in the face of people who might try to take her from you.  You could argue that if Rin’s mother wants her back, she should get her back and that’s right and proper, but I can’t really trust Rin’s mother to make good choices for herself or her child.  She’s going to kill herself drawing silly little comics, let’s at least not have her take Rin down with her.  Anyway, that catastrophe is bubbling away in the background, but odds are decent that episode 9 of Usagi Drop is just gonna be more slice of life.

…thirty minutes pass…

They showed handwriting class and art class, the two worst parts of grade school. Even gym was better.

So it turns out Kouki is a cute kid too!  Who would have suspected?  He goes to a lot of trouble to hide it behind manly interests like ninjas and pooping.  Maybe this means that even Daikichi’s annoying niece has a cute side to her.  I’ve been kind of soured on her because of her disgusting act of cat’s cradle plagiarism in the first episode, but hey.  Everybody makes mistakes, and the thing about children is they can get away with them.  I should probably be more forgiving to a person who has only had a few years to absorb social norms regarding proper citation of other people’s work.  And she has had a lot of other things on her mind during that time, such as learning to walk.  That’s fair I guess.

I was glad they enjoyed their typhoon.  It’s a little bit paradoxical, but I’ve always enjoyed thunderstorms, despite them heavily restricting the sorts of activities I can engage in when they knock out my power.  A thunderstorm is a good chance to catch up on my reading with a flashlight, or just lay in a fully dark room and think.  I could do these things with the power on and no storm raging outside, but I don’t.  Similarly, the typhoon brought the two families together in this episode.  There was no reason they shouldn’t have been eating dinner together from time to time, after all, food tastes better with more people, right?  But they weren’t until the storm came.  People don’t always make good decisions, so they can benefit from having their choices constrained.

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