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SKET Dance – Episode 23

Last time on SKET Dance the SKET-dan taught a young child about the joys of baseball, forever corrupting his young mind.  It’s not a good sport!  80-90% of the players are irrelevant at any given time.  It’s not a team game, it’s a series of individual games that are aggregated together.  And these games are run in series, so you spend most of your time sitting on a bench or standing in a field or fantasizing to yourself about stealing home (but you never actually get the signal), or whatever, and only spend a little bit of the time playing.  Unless you’re a pitcher, pitchers make out like relative bandits.  Let’s hope the SKET-dan gets involved in some better games in episode 23 of SKET Dance; at this point I would settle for Genesis.

…thirty minutes pass…

That's a baseball game! Switch, how could you do this to me?!?

Awful episode, just completely irredeemable.  I want my half hour back.   The animation quality was atrocious.  The characters were heavily off-model in every shot, there were several scenes with weird proportions (like Switch’s torso tapering off at his shoulders), there were lots of static shots with dialogue over them, and near-static shots where only the mouths moved, and them jerkily.  What’s more, the plot was entirely recycled, from an episode that was terrible the first time.  Instead of Bossun turning into a kid, the Onihimes turn into kids.  They didn’t have anything new to do with it, they just switched the names and downgraded the animation about thirty notches.

The animation was such a downgrade, and the plot so simultaneously surreal and pedestrian, that by the end I was hoping that it had all somehow been a dream sequence.  That wouldn’t excuse the shitty episode, of course, but at least it would be some sort of explanation.  Like, when Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu used the same plot and script for eight episodes in a row, that was awful, but at least they were going somewhere with it, you know?  There was a point to what they were doing, they felt it was in the service of a greater artistic goal.  This episode clearly tossed all notions of artistic integrity aside in the hopes of saving money.  I find that a little offensive.


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