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Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 8

Last time on Mawaru Penguindrum, the target of Ringo’s stalkerly affections had gotten engaged to that opera bitch.  What does she have that Ringo does not, anyway, other than beauty, sanity, and a similar age to him.  Money I guess, although Ringo’s parents seemed pretty well off, she’ll inherit that eventually maybe. The point is she doesn’t love him the way Ringo does, so now Ringo has to sneak into his room in the middle of the night in order that she might bear him a child anyway.  I’m interested to see where episode 8 of Mawaru Penguindrum goes with this.

…thirty minutes pass…

Seems like that would be a perfectly legitimate vector for a murder-sucide too. I'm not sure the protagonist is really cut out to be playing the Survival Strategy game.

They faked us out with last episode’s cliff-hanger, but then they set up pretty much the same attempted-rape situation again and actually played it through, which makes me wonder why even bother faking us out?  It’s just needlessly antagonizing me.  Maybe it’s ironic or deconstructive, somehow.  I don’t really understand this show, so I can’t rule out that possibility.

There are a few big questions raised by this episode.  The most pressing one is, oh no, the protagonist, are you ok?  He probably is, though.  The show faked out its cliffhanger last episode, I assume they’re doing the same thing.  Fool me once, shame on you, after that I play tit-for-tat.  I assume the last episode’s cliffhanger is fake for sure though, because there aren’t any more episodes after that.  Anyway, next question is, oh no, Ringo, what will you do now?  She has lost her diary, or a substantial portion of it.  It’s probably reasonable to consider her out of the game at this point, if there is a game and if the diary is in any way meaningful.  It’s possible that she has photocopies of the pages, for an impressive double-cliffhanger fakeout, but probably the diary was too important and sacred to her for her to do something mundane like make a backup.  So maybe she will finally give up and have a healthy relationship with someone her own age, perhaps someone who showed his quality of character by saving her from becoming a rapist and a speeding car.  And then there’s one final question – who was the person on the motorcycle?  The obvious answer is, it’s the older brother, but would he really have risked the diary like that?  There aren’t many other characters, though.  There’s the weird chick with the crossbow, she’d be the next candidate, since we know she’s playing the Survival Strategy game too.  It might have been the penguin queen herself, sick of the protagonist’s dilly-dallying.  She would be more likely to risk the diary, since she would have only herself to blame if it were destroyed.

I really enjoyed the yandere elements of this episode, it makes me a little sad to think that maybe Ringo will finally have to give up her terrifying love.  She tried so hard!  Sometimes her methods were a little questionable, though.  I don’t mean the rapey parts, part of the charm of a yandere is their utter disregard for conventional morality, I mean stuff like placing her hopes in magical rituals involving frog eggs.  You shouldn’t expect that to work!  Okay, I guess this is a world where things like magical diaries that predict the future work, but that doesn’t mean that every silly internet urban legend will.  And if you are somehow convinced that the eggs will work, you should extract them under more controlled conditions, so they don’t get eaten by invisible magical penguins.  I mean come on, take some basic precautions.


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