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Usagi Drop – Episode 8

Last time on Usagi Drop we successfully dealt with Daikichi’s sister’s midlife crisis.  She probably won’t be bothering us again.  So we have some new crisis to look forward to, possibly a 1/13th life crisis from Rin.  When you’re six years old crises are just a way of life, the world is large and you are small so if you do not get out of the world’s way it will knock you over.  Good luck in episode 8 of Usagi Drop, Rin!

…thirty minutes pass…

Yep, the world is a terrifying place where entropy constantly eats away at you and you have no recourse but to passionately struggle to eke out a living drawing comics for children or whatever.

There goes Daikichi again, refusing to let sleeping dogs lie.  He successfully took custody of Rin from Masako, everything was working out great!  Why is he now parading her in front of her, teasing her?  It’s just going to wake up her maternal instincts.  There is a well-known bias whereby parents love their children, but if her child is not salient, she should be able to mostly avoid it.  “Out of sight, out of mind”, so the saying goes.

Maybe this is part of a plot by Daikichi to become romantically involved with her.  I mean it’s only fair, right?  He’s raising her child, so the polite thing to do would be for her to bear a few of his.  And if they successfully became a family, then that helps resolve Rin’s naming issues from a few episodes ago.  The biggest issue I can see with that is that it would be super creepy to become romantically involved with a woman who was romantically involved with your grandfather.  You’ve got the indirect incest angle, you’ve got the fifty years too young for her angle, you’ve got the stealing your friend’s woman angle.  Probably better to stick to hitting on that cute divorcee in the neighborhood.

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