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Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 7

Last time on Mawaru Penguindrum we got a deeper look into the psyche of Ringo, and she was kind of ruined.  I guess next we should get a closer look at and ruin the older brother?  He’s obviously keeping lots of secrets, he has a secret source of money and some chick with a magic crossbow is hunting him.  I’m just worried that as we dig deeper we’ll discover that he has some trauma in his past that makes him want to kiss his sister, and that will make his character uninteresting.  Possibly it will be related to that night in the typhoon?  He seemed already obsessed with her then, but maybe it was a sort of a post hoc rationalization thing, he became obsessed because he needed to justify chasing after her into a typhoon.  That would be a reasonable explanation, let’s see if they go with it in episode 7 of Mawaru Penguindrum.

…thirty minutes pass…

Out of nowhere, a musical interlude.

OK, we didn’t really get much more information about the elder brother at all.  I guess we learned that the chick hunting him is executing a Project M just the same as Ringo: if it stands for the same thing, I guess then that chick wants to have the elder brother’s babies?  I suppose that’s not inconsistent with her behavior in hunting down everyone else that might have ever been romantically involved with him and pushing them down escalators.  But it also means that the diary is back to being magic, even though it has known, mundane origins.

Here’s a crazy thought – what if the diary is magic, and it has unknown, magical origins, but its magic was used by Momoka?  That would explain why Ringo seems to have to twist the wording of the diary to pretend it’s coming true, and also why Momoka’s diary is a powerful magical artifact.  It might even explain how Momoka died, if she was killed by another diary user.  It would mean the Survival Strategy has been going on for quite some time, though.

It’s really a rotten trick this show uses, holding back information about what’s going on to keep me watching in hopes that they’ll explain things later.  Usually a show that remains two mysterious too long I just drop, but Mawaru Penguindrum has been feeding me an information drip just steady enough to keep me hooked, without letting me do any actual inference with the information it gives me.  Seven episodes in and I still don’t know what this show is about.


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