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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Episode 7

Last time on BakaTest the guys were tracking down a mysterious blackmailer who had been planting hidden cameras and listening devices to capture embarrassing footage of the guys.  The blackmailer has a distinguishing burn mark on her butt, so they have been trying to sneak peeks at the girls while they are bathing.  Which is fine as a gag, I guess, but this has been going on for two episodes now, and is going to continue into a third.  Let’s hope they can put a more interesting spin on it in episode 7 of season 2 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

…thirty minutes pass…

Does this qualify as a cross-dressing themed show yet?

Well, the conclusion of the arc was actually kind of satisfying, in an absolute sense.  It had a lot of the passion, friendship, and justice, a lot of the many hearts striving together for one common goal that I really like.  It had some pretty good jokes, too.  Unfortunately, it was kind of spoiled by the two episodes that came before it, that used the exact same plot structure (the guys collect a bunch of allies to try to force their way to the women’s bath and are held off by various obstacles along the way) and even repeated some of the same jokes (Himeji isn’t upset that Akihisa is trying to see her naked, she’s upset that he wants to see Minami naked).  I’m usually in favor of “filler” type episodes, I prefer character development over plot development.  But this isn’t normal filler, this is straight up copying and pasting.  It’s like the Anime Writer’s Guild of Japan was on strike for two weeks, so they had to make one script into three episodes.  I would rather have had them slow it down to 1/3 speed, if it came to that.  At least it would give Hideyoshi a nice, deep, manly voice.

Prospects are looking up for this show, though, with one of the girls in Akihisa’s harem kissing him.  And it was the best girl, too!  (You have to kiss only the best girls.)  I am eager to see some actual romantic development between Akihisa and Minami the awesome German tsundere.  She’s a little excessively violent, I guess, but it’s not like Himeji isn’t kinda violent too, plus the food she cooks is poison.  Akihisa is an F-classer, he has to take what he can get.


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