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Usagi Drop – Episode 7

Last time on Usagi Drop Rin had started 1st grade and made friends who taught her ninja tricks.  Not much continuity to build off there, we probably still have an episode or two of slice-of-life coming to us before the next major event.  Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get an episode more focalized from Rin’s point of view?  Every episode so far has basically been Daikichi’s perspective on the whole business, which is great, but even a 1st grader has a certain amount of agency.  It would be interesting to see what she thinks about the whole situation.  Then again, part of the point of the show is that children are a terrifying mystery to their parents/caretakers, so I guess that would sort of defeat the purpose.  We can be satisfied with Daikichi’s point of view on episode 7 of Usagi Drop.

…thirty minutes pass…

The polite term is "complex".

I guess Haruko running away from home counts as a “major event”.  It was cool watching her talk about how her life had not gone where she wanted it to, all while the kids were listening in but lacked the context of knowing where a life is even supposed to go.  Which is best among being single, being married, or being divorced?  That depends on a number of factors which the children don’t really have the world knowledge to evaluate yet, but it seems like divorce is the pro play.  Get a man to contribute his genetic material and support you financially when your child is helpless and needs your full-time attention, then run off with his child after the child is old enough to survive you going to work during the day.  Of course the real pro play is to do like Daikichi did and just find a child discarded in the bushes.  That way you don’t even have to put up with the years of helplessness, your child is capable of carrying on a sensible conversation right out of the box.

Marriage is really kind of strange, when you think about it.  It’s the idea that you can unite two people and they can act as one, which works when it works, but when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.  We saw in this episode Haruko running off with her and her husband’s mutual child – this isn’t kidnapping, because it’s her child, but it’s his child too.  The idea of holding things in common doesn’t work when the people holding them fall out of sync, so you end up with a father not knowing where his daughter has been taken to.  And then you have Haruko, who’s clearly fed up with the whole situation, but she can’t seek out a better one (other than a brief fit of pique), because she doesn’t have the marketable skills to successfully support her daughter and there would be a lot of fighting and paperwork to go through to split up.  Marriage is a little like homeownership, it takes away people’s mobility and in so doing keeps them from being able to seek out the best options they can.  Renting is nice and safe and if you get a good job in a different town you can just up and move.

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