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SKET Dance – Episode 20

Last time on SKET Dance some pretty irrelevant stuff happened.  It’s probably too early for SKET Dance to be starting their season finale story arc, but probably too late for them to start a different story arc and still have time for a season finale arc, so let’s sit back and enjoy more irrelevant stuff happening in episode 20 of SKET Dance.

…thirty minutes pass…

I consider myself something of a connoisseur of anime vegetable slicing scenes, and let's just say, this is not "cutting it".

Fun episode!  They keep teasing me with Himeko getting jealous about Bossun hanging out with other girls, but man, if they keep pushing and pushing closer to the edge, eventually sheer force of momentum will carry them into an actual romance plot between the two.  Maybe that’s what the season finale arc will be!  Probably they will make the season finale arc about the forbidden romance between Bossun and Yabasawa, just to spite me.  Maji-yabasu!

It was a little surprising to me how completely socially incompetent the members of the SKET-dan are once they’re removed from the confines of their clubroom and forced to interact with the general population.  If Bossun’s jokes were falling flat, shouldn’t he have been able to put on his goggles and use his powers of concentration to coolly analyze the situation and figure out what to say to have the girls eating out of the palm of his hand?  Shouldn’t Switch have been able to back him up?  How is he “Mr. Popular” if he completely loses it the moment his wingman bombs out on a joke?  I mean, you talk about how the guys were setting up their boke gags and the girls were failing to provide the necessary tsukkomi, but there were two of them there.  Switch could have easily played Bossun’s straight man.  Himeko was in a worse position, trapped alone in enemy territory, but she had the advantage that girls are not expected to do a comedy routine when flirting with the opposite sex: girls are the ones who have comedy routines done to them.  She could have just sat back and let the metrosexual duo run whatever game they could dredge up, and then if they failed the blame would accrue to them, not her.


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