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Steins;Gate – Episode 18

So! Last time on Steins;Gate we undid Feyris’s fondest wish and ruined her life, who is next?  As I recall, the timeline shift prior to Feyris’s was the crossdresser’s?  It seems likely to be a hard sell to turn her back into a dude.  On the other hand, when you get right down to it, Okabe doesn’t really need his consent.  He has all the details, he knows what message was sent to the crossdresser’s mother, he doesn’t really need her help to reverse the effect.  He really shouldn’t hesitate.  Compared to killing a dude, turning a chick into a dude is not so bad.  I’m a dude, I get by.  Let’s see if he can bring himself to do what needs to be done in episode 18 of Steins;Gate.

…thirty minutes pass…

As usual, Makise is the reasonable one, where "reasonable" means "agrees with me".

I know I like the more standard slice-of-lifey episodes better than the ones that are heavy on time travel, but this episode might have been a little too standard.  They were pulling out all of the tried-and-true jokes about a guy without much romantic experience going on a date.  “Oh, I’m not supposed to take her to a maid cafe?”  “Wow, ties are awful.”  They even had Okabe’s friends following along and facepalming at his foolish awkwardness, which is as a literary device about one step up from a laughtrack.  Maybe part of the problem is that the only aspect of the crossdresser’s personality that had really been introduced in the show was his propensity to cross dress, and with the power of time travel even that was taken away from her.  He’s so boring that I can never remember his name, and so I keep referring to him as “the crossdresser”.  Not a great character to center an episode around, unless it’s an episode that goes into greater depth about his character!

So we’re left with just one more D-mail we have to undo.  Unfortunately it’s the D-mail sent by the CERN spy who is actively trying to defeat you in your aims!  Uh, good luck with that, Okabe.



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