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Usagi Drop – Episode 5

Last episode on Usagi Drop,  Daikichi decided to call up Rin’s mother and, I dunno, chat with her?  I am not seeing how this will possibly end well.  I mean, best case scenario, she is like “yeah I took off because I wanted to enjoy my youth, have fun raising my child! toodles”.  And then he ends up in the same situation he was already in, only now he’s mad at her.  Worst case scenario she gets upset at the idea of some stranger raising her daughter and kicks up a fuss, which can only hurt all three of them.  Better to just leave sleeping dogs lie and not worry about her until it turns out that Rin needs a kidney transplant or something.  Well, let’s see how bad he’s screwing things up in episode 5 of Usagi Drop.

…thirty minutes pass…

Little kids have little kid babies. That's genetics for you.

Well, that turned out almost as well as we could have hoped.  In other words, there were a lot of hard feelings among the adults, but at least there was no actual litigation.  Masako gets to keep living the hedonistic life of a freelance manga artist, and Daikichi gets to keep raising a child that’s not his own.  Everybody wins, under their weird, twisted definitions of “winning”.

It was really sad when Rin told Daikichi she didn’t want him to adopt her.  Giving children choices is a perilous thing.  Children aren’t well-trained in navigating social situations, so when you ask them to decide between to things, they might slip up and think you are providing them actual options, rather than testing their loyalty.   They aren’t thinking three steps ahead as to what option the asker wants them to pick, or which options will hurt the asker.  They are naively, brutally honest.  Giving a child a choice is worse than giving a mouse a cookie.

I dunno what that does to the legal standing.  I think he at least has to apply for guardianship?  IDK how they run things in Japan.  It would be nice to get things cleared up from Rin’s perspective too.  I mean, he can promise that she can live with him forever, and that’s great.  I’m sure she trusts him.  But as the saying goes, “trust, but verify”.  Trust is great, a contractual obligation for support is better.

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