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Mawaru Penguindrum – Episode 4

Last episode on Mawaru Penguindrum the protagonist brothers made friends with the supposed bearer of the alleged Penguin Drum.  I still think it’s the diary.  Or maybe it’s not anything.  Maybe nothing in this show makes any sense.  There’s only so long that a show can keep me in the dark and try to play things off with cute penguins before I demand answers or else I drop the show.  It is a wonderful thing to be stylish, but not at the cost of substance.  Let’s hope we get some answers in episode 4 of Mawaru Penguindrum, or the penguins had better be really damn cute.

…thirty minutes pass…

It could be argued that a date is just a degenerate case of mutual stalking.

This episode was really enjoyable.  Note that the penguin queen didn’t show up once, and we didn’t have to go through that tedious-ass transformation sequence.  This show’s better when it focuses on relatable characters with understandable motives who might occasionally have extended fantasies about being characters in operas but at least they aren’t alien life forms living inside headwear.  More funny penguin jokes, a plot I could understand, a diary that may well tell the future… cool show.

And the genre seems to have settled down, too.  This is the two and a halfth episode in a row focused on Ringo’s trials and tribulations as she pursues her stalker crush.  If Ringo is the secret main character of this show, I am all in favor of keeping watching.  She is plain-looking but she tries hard and follows plans and believes in destiny.  It was a shame they didn’t introduce her until the second episode, but this show seems to like to do things its own way.

It’s still not 100% clear that the diary actually tells the future, as opposed to just coming true because Ringo intends it to come true and puts forth effort.  I guess if the things in the diary were coming true as a causal result of her intentions, they would come true in the manner she intended them.  Her diary has been abusing the privilege of Japanese pronoun drop to count all sorts of wacky things as correct predictions, even though the obvious meaning wasn’t borne out.  Yes, okay, literally anyone anywhere ate curry.  It’s not impressive until you give me an explicit subject.


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