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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 17

Last episode on Hanasaku Iroha, Kissui Inn was all abuzz with a camera crew shooting a movie on location, as part of Ohana’s uncle’s plan to promote the inn and save it from the long, slow decline it has been suffering.  He put a lot of work into this and staked a lot of reputation on it, but now something is about to go wrong?  There was a phone ringing at the end of the last episode, and if it were good news they wouldn’t have put an episode break in between the ring and the answer, that’s how I figure it.  Maybe the film crew is being held for ransom?  Let’s hear what the mystery caller has to say in episode 17 of Hanasaku Iroha.

…thirty minutes pass…

Minchi is not amused.

So, it was a scam from the start, and everybody knew it  but Ohana’s uncle.  Somebody really should have mentioned something.  Yes, people will learn better if you let them make their own mistakes, but your inn will go under if you let people make their own mistakes with your inn’s money when it is already struggling.  I guess maybe the landlady is taking the long view: sure, it may suck to lose this money now, but think how bad it would suck to have a guy in charge of the inn who has no idea about anything and screws everything up because he’s used to being mollycoddled.  Think of it as money spent on management training and it’s not so bad.  Although, maybe she’d be better off having the succession skip a generation and just give it directly to Ohana.  She’s foolish sometimes, but at least it’s not the single aspect of her character like it is Enishi’s.  Rather than having to teach Enishi about trying hard and taking responsibility, why not recruit the girl who coined the word “bonboru”?  And Ohana’s less likely to listen to the nonsense of that consultant chick.  Although she was pretty enthusiastic about the new outfits she recommended…

This arc wasn’t so bad, but I’m glad it’s over.  If it’s over.  It wasn’t entirely clear whether or not it was.  I sure hope they aren’t dragging this out for a third episode, they’ve gone two episodes with less than an episode’s worth of content already.  I feel like it is an artistic choice on their part, that they are trying to give the feel of this being “someone else’s problem” and it only interacts tangentially with Ohana, so we only get filtered bits and pieces of the plot interspersed with Ohana playing in a pool. I don’t feel like the artistic choice worked out, though.  It just seems slow, and treating the focal character of an episode as secondary cast makes the plot hard to follow and even harder to care about.  Oh, so now Ohana’s uncle is fighting with his girlfriend about some nonsense, good thing Ohana is hiding in the bushes spying on them or we’d never find out about it.  Makes you wonder how much character development for Enishi took place off camera that we’ll never get to see.


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