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SKET Dance – Episode 17

Last time on SKET Dance, the various members of the SKET-dan had split up to join various competing student bands to face one another at their high-school music festival.  Can their friendship survive acting as rivals to one another?  Probably.  They seem like pretty good friends.  I’d be more worried about that violinist chick that Bossun was flirting with last episode. He and Onihime are not officially “an item”, but it seems like she still might see it as a betrayal.  Then again, she has her own problems to worry about I guess?  The cliffhanger last ep was, something happened regarding her band.  Let’s find out what happened regarding her band in episode 17 of SKET Dance.

…thirty minutes pass…

You should be happy; if they were able to get shit done on their own, they wouldn't need you to lead them.

So the “separate bands” thing was just a red herring.  Shucks.  I wanted to see the SKET-dan compete against each other, brains vs. brawn vs. guts.  Brawn beats brains, and guts beats brawn, I know that much.  Ideally, then, brain would beat guts, but I think the tendency is to have guts just be an invincible power that destroys everything.  Nerf guts!

The problem with having a music festival episode in your anime is that it will always draw comparisons to episode 12 of season 1 of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (“Live A Live”), and it will inevitably fail to stand up to that godly piece of animationcraft.  I guess it’s been over five years since it aired, now.  Is that long enough that we can label it a “classic” and no longer have to judge new anime in comparison to it?  Well, even comparing it to lesser anime music festivals, like the one in K-On! (emphasis theirs) or the one in Sora no Otoshimono, this wasn’t a great music ep.  I guess it’s realistic to have a group of people who basically took up music on a whim not sound all that great playing music, but if you’re going to make music a substantial focus of an episode, it should be good music.  I didn’t like their choice of song, either.  I mean I’m sure they had some cross-promotional nonsense with the Pillows and so they had to use a song of theirs, but there are better Pillows songs.  They could have used the ending theme, for example.  That’s a fine song, even if it’s not as good as the opening theme.

The non-musical parts of the episode were ok, though.  Switch’s troubles with the anime otaku were funny, because we all know and/or are guys like that.  The violin chick’s crippling insecurity and Bossun’s helping her through it were moving, although, in the end I’m not sure she made the right choice.  A career in music really is hard, and you actually can’t necessarily do anything if you just try.  Her violin-playing didn’t sound all that amazing to me, although I have somewhat of a philistinic ear.  Anyway it would suck to go to Germany to learn the violin and find out that you just aren’t any good at it.  Yes, confidence can be helpful, but too much confidence leads to confidently driving off a cliff.  I’d trust the judgment of the violin professional and suggest that she take up, like, plumbing or something.  Plumbing’s a valuable trade.


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