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Steins;Gate – Episode 16

Last time on Steins;Gate we were taking time off from fixing their time machines and fighting the evil agents of CERN to hunt down John Titor’s father.  I guess time travel means never having to get your priorities straight.  If Okabe were feeling up to it, he could do a brute force linear search of all of Akihabara to find him.  If he turned out not to be there, he could expand the search parameters to cover all of Tokyo, or all of Japan, or anywhere he can get to within 24 hours (because he needs the other 24 to get back to the time leap machine).  I imagine that would get kind of boring after a while, though.  It’s too bad he doesn’t still have the D-mail; with the D-mail he could organize a brute force search with a fresh mind every iteration.  From his perspective… well, thanks to Reading Steiner, from his perspective only the first iteration will have happened and then suddenly he will have found John Titor’s father.  But the point is, with this strategy there is never an Okabe from whose perspective he has been searching for centuries.  I am struck once again by their folly: why, oh why, did they disassemble the D-mail!  Let’s see if they can succeed despite this crucial error in episode 16 of Steins;Gate.

…thirty minutes pass…

You'd be crying too if you found out your father was a fat creepy @channel nerd.

So they’ve had the D-mail in a recoverable state all this time?  And they didn’t think to use it?  These people take information far too lightly.  Hey, how about sending a D-mail to yourself warning yourself of who the spy is and not to let her in your lab and NOT TO LET HER PLAY WITH YOUR TIME MACHINE, DUMBASS.  It is just a thought.  Dumbass.

Oh and instead of sending a person into the past to be stranded there, you could send information into the past.  Information doesn’t get old then decide it’s wasted its life and kill itself in despair.  Someone should have reminded John Titor that the only thing you can do with your life is waste it, and that with time travel even if you don’t like how it turned out the first time, you can always try again.  It gets harder if you don’t stay alive to take a second shot at it, of course.  She got around that issue by sending information, to make changes without having to be personally physically present.  What a concept!

So, it looks like they saved Mayushii, I guess?  They changed the future, but not over the 1% threshold they claimed to need.  And their changed future sure didn’t save John Titor.  She died at around the same time she died in the original timeline, despite losing her reason to lose her reason to live.  So possibly this small change can only make small changes, like say it can alter Mayushii’s time of death by an hour or two, or a day or two, or a year or two, or a millennium or two.  I guess if you figure her “natural lifespan” at another 60 years, then a change of 1/10 of the 1% threshold might restore 6 years of that?   No, the change has to be small enough that John Titor’s time of death would be rounded to the same time.  So you figure she’s got a few months to live at most.  It’s not like physics would understand what a “natural lifespan” was anyway.

Nice to see that my initial instinct was right about the identity of John Titor’s father.  And now we have an explanation of how the IBN 5100 got to the shrine to begin with, so we can relax some of our suspicions about the crossdresser.  Of course, it doesn’t help for her to get the IBN 5100 to the shrine without warning past Okabe  not to let it get stolen.  Which is probably why the future hasn’t changed significantly enough at this point.  I guess we’ll wait and see if Okabe ever realizes this and warns himself.



One response to “Steins;Gate – Episode 16

  1. Anon July 31, 2011 at 4:47 am

    Isn’t the cause of Mayuri’s death the first D mail sent on episode 1? Moeka is just a CERN lackey following orders. Okarin is in a dilemma as he is unable to reverse his first d mail which will cause the life of kurisu. Thus okarin needs the IBN to hack into CERN in order to remove the very first mail which is explained in episode 15 I believe. I am not very sure myself as the explanation seems haphazard.

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