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Kami-sama no Memo-chou – Episode 3

The last episode of Kami-sama no Memo-chou ended in a shocking and meaningful revelation: there was a cellphone hidden inside the moneysack!  It wasn’t meaningful to me, and it wasn’t shocking to me either, since I hadn’t built up any expectations for it to knock down, but the hikkikomori detective Alice sure seemed to think it was surprising and relevant.  I will take her word for it!  She is smarter than me!  You can tell because she lives on a diet of onion soup and Dr Pepper.  Let’s watch for her to share her insight with the rest of the class in episode 3 of Kami-sama no Memo-chou.

…thirty minutes pass…

One last Dr Pepper product placement screencap for you.

I’m gonna drop this show.  The mysteries don’t work, I’d already come to that conclusion, but I’ve decided the characters don’t really work either.  Was there any character development in this episode?  Everybody is still sad about their various missing parents.  Alice still can’t go outside and she’s still bossy and she still hates it when people dress her up in cute clothes.  I guess the protagonist manned up a little and joined the Yakuza, so that’s something.  All three episodes, the Yakuza elements have been the bright spot in this show, it’s interesting to watch them tackle it from a sympathetic, protagonized standpoint.  The Yakuza don’t think they’re villains, nobody does.  Unfortunately the Yakuza aren’t enough a part of this show for me to want to struggle through the boring bland remainder.

I don’t think the solution this episode should have actually worked.  I mean, it should have been obvious to anyone that what he was doing was a trap, right?  There was no legitimate, non-trap reason for him to transfer the cash to the captive’s account and then hack the bank to transfer the money.  That’s going a ridiculously long way around, expending an insane amount of effort to accomplish the same goal as handing a dude a dufflebag full of cash.  This guy is supposed to be a hardened criminal and he can’t spot a blatant setup like that?  Yeah, I’m done here.


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