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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 – Episode 3

At this point in BakaTest, our heroes have definitely returned from the beach, so we can put that whole nasty business behind us and move on.  To the start of the school year, maybe?  It is a school life comedy, after all.  In fairness, I guess “summer vacation” is a quintessentially school-life activity – once you grow up and start working for a living, summer just means you don’t have to scrape the ice off your car before you drive to a 72 F climate-controlled office to sit and pretend to work for eight hours.  It’s possible that the people of F-class aren’t really cut out for office work, though.  Possibly they will end up unemployed, which is like summer vacation all year long!  Let’s wish them good luck in episode 3 of season 2 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

…thirty minutes pass…

Twins shouldn't be so mean to each other 😦

Yep, we’re back in school, and it turns out that BakaTest can pull off a split episode a heck of a lot better than SKET Dance can.  Taking each subepisode separately…

I felt kind of bad for Hideyoshi getting pushed around by his sister in the first half, although it didn’t spoil my enjoyment.  I guess to an extent he got his revenge, and whether or not it was intentional is something we’ll never know, given how good he is at deceiving people.  On the one hand, you would figure that if he were actually as good an actor as he claims to be, he would be able to act as his sister would act, and not start all sorts of weird rumors about her.  On the other hand, he hasn’t been able to act sufficiently like a male version of himself to convince his F-class classmates, so maybe he’s not such a great actor as all that?  On the third hand, everybody seems to think he’s a good actor, so maybe him pretending not to want to be considered female is, itself, an act?  I dunno who the act is for, though, given that everyone seems to disregard his protests anyway.  Maybe he’s putting on an act for his sister, you never know when she’ll be listening in with her black-market spy equipment.

The second half’s flashback was cool.  We got to see why these girls that started the show’s run in love with Akihisa fell in love with him in the first place.  “He’s kinda stupid, but he’s really kind” is a reasonable reason, I suppose.  “He’s kinda stupid but he makes a good punching bag” is not quite so much.  Man, Akihisa sure seems to get pushed around by the girls in his life, just like Hideyoshi.  And what’s-his-face, the class president does, too.  I guess it’s because they’re all F-class, they have low status and so they get pushed around.  Technically Minami and Himeji are F-class too, but that’s just because the rankings can’t handle foreigners and the chronically ill, everybody knows they’re not real idiots like the rest of F-class.  Are there actually any girls in F-class that are there on their own merit?  I guess girls are just smarter than boys.


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