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SKET Dance – Episode 16

I was excited at the start of Summer to discover that SKET Dance was continuing, but I don’t feel like my excitement has been justified by the quality of episodes that have come out since then.  The show has always been a little inconsistent with regards to quality, so let’s hope they shake themselves out of their slump.  Giving me lots of Switch-centric episodes would help.  Or any sort of character-centric episodes, really.  The show is better when it focuses on its main characters rather than whatever the latest wacky guy with a wacky problem that needs a wacky solution is.  The SKET-dan is the famous school support club, but can they support… each other?  Let’s hope to find out in episode 16 of SKET Dance.

…thirty minutes pass…

They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating, but from what I've seen I'm a little dubious.

Ahh, that’s more like it.  A nice Bossun-focused episode this time, and it’s looking like it may develop into a full-blown Bossun-focused arc.  Or maybe they’re done with him now that he’s a competent bassist, and they’re going to move on to Onihime’s problems in her band.  Maybe they’ll even head over and visit Switch’s band, although I can’t imagine him having any problems, given how amazing he is.  Even if one of his bandmates flakes out on him or something, he can just set his computer up to play samples.  If it was good enough to fool that student council chick during that shootout, there’s no way an undiscerning rock festival crowd will notice anything amiss.

I really expected more animosity among the members of the SKET-dan when they all joined rival bands.  Onihime even helped Bossun get started as a bassist.  I guess  maybe they’re all just really good friends?  How nice…  I wonder if Onihime will still feel that way when she learns that Bossun has been getting lessons from a cute violinist chick.  If we’re really lucky this will develop into a full blown love triangle, which would be just the impetus we need to finally get things moving on the Onihime/Bossun romance.  Unfortunately, she probably will end up going to study in Germany, and everything will return to the status quo.  Why can’t Bossun return the manga chick’s affections, we could be 11 episodes into a love triangle already!  So what if she’s boring, she has the power to literally warp reality!  You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be able to find a use for that.


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