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Steins;Gate – Episode 15

Last episode on Steins;Gate we finally met John Titor, only to discover that we’d already met her.  I’d like to note that I called this back during Episode 12 – in fact, I had suspected it earlier, but I didn’t get around to mentioning it until then.  I guess in biased hindsight they made it pretty obvious, what with her ramblings about the coming grim future of constant war.  It would have been more impressive to figure out the identity of the CERN spy, or whosever spy Shining Finger is.  (“FB” meaning… Facebook?  They’re upset about being supplanted by Google+ so they invest in time travel to go back and sabotage them?  I think it’s interesting to note that Google+ has not appeared even once in this show so far…) It would also be pretty impressive to make a prediction about where the show is going to go from here, but I honestly don’t have a clue.  We’ll have to watch episode 15 of Steins;Gate and see.

…thirty minutes pass…

You should have brought Makise Kurisu to translate. She used to live in America, I'm sure she picked up lots of hip lingo from $chan.

I’m not sure the time travel trick they used to get extra time to repair the time machine should really work.  The stated reason for the 48 hour time leap limit is that the further back you go, the more out of sync your brain becomes, and so if you go too far back your brain will reject the mind transplant.  If so, it doesn’t seem like making multiple hops would get around this limit.  Once you’ve traveled back 48 hours, your mind is already pushing the limits of synchronization.  In order to go 48 hours before that, your mind would have to be one that was well synchronized to begin with.  The real way to do chain time leaps is to have your assistant do the first one, then tell the past you the relevant information and have him go back another 48 hours.  At which point he will have a fresh assistant, and can repeat the cycle as many times as he likes, playing a game of time leapfrog.  Although this still doesn’t let you go back more than 48 hours before the construction of the time leaper. It really would have been better if they had just stuck with the D-mail, it doesn’t have these pesky time limits.

Despite that plot hole, this was an excellent episode.  It was back to a little more of the fun slice of life stuff interspersed with the deadly serious time travel drama.  We had people discussing @channel goings on, Mayushii undertaking important sidequests, and John Titor getting hit on by someone who is possibly her father.  Which would make Feyris her mother?  Have we ever heard Feyris’s name?  Anyway if her dad was a terrorist it’s not implausible that he would be someone connected to Okabe, the most famous terrorist of all.  And Daru is conspicuously absent in John Titor’s explanation of the future.  Of course, if it’s really him, why didn’t he comment on the badge she presented?  Maybe it’s the crossdresser!  That would be hilarious, especially since he’s now a woman.  I guess that would mean Amane would have to now be a man, to satisfy conservation of interpersonal relationships.

Okabe doesn’t seem to have learned much of anything.  Last episode he was so frantic, desperately trying anything he could to rescue Mayushii.  Now that he has a plan and a little bit of hope, suddenly it’s back to playing games, doing sidequests, wandering around harassing jewelers.  He’s like a college student, if the deadline’s not for another couple of days, he takes that as an excuse to slack off.  You know, come to think of it, he is a college student, isn’t he!  Or at least he was, I haven’t seen him go to class since episode 1.


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