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Usagi Drop – Episode 2

The first episode of Usagi Drop was just an introduction of the premise.  The characters didn’t display their traits, the writing didn’t display its level of quality, there was, in general, not enough dialogue for me to accurately judge whether or not I wanted to keep watching Usagi Drop.  Maybe more shows should do like Kami-sama no Memo-chou and have an hour-long first episode, so that they can get the premise out of the way and still have time left over to do something with it?  Maybe this is why people wait for shows to finish airing and marathon them rather than watching episode by episode.  I’m not going to wait three months to watch episode 2 of Usagi Drop, though.

…thirty minutes pass…

If it's any consolation, that's a pretty impressive edifice you've constructed there.

Seems like this is going to be another hard show to blog.  I can’t just say “yep, Rin’s a cute kid” after every episode and leave it at that, but what even really happened in this episode?  They went out clothes shopping and Daikichi was late picking her up from daycare.  I guess this episode was really about loneliness, about how her mother ran off and her father died and now even her caretaker didn’t show up when he was supposed to.  As a child, you’re totally dependent on others, so loneliness is really a survival instinct.  I guess the daycare worker was there with her, it’s not like she had been abandoned in the desert.  And she met Daikichi just a couple days ago, I dunno how much trust she would have had in him for him to betray by flaking out and not showing up on time.  Well, children are naive, and don’t always make the best choices of who to trust.  You can often trick them into thinking you’ll do something by promising to do it.

I think I’ll keep watching this show.  Rin’s a cute kid, and it’s interesting to watch Daikichi struggle with this responsibility he’s taken on, even if it’s sometimes annoying how lightly he seems to take it.

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