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SKET Dance – Episode 15

SKET Dance is a show about a school club that helps people. They have wacky adventures and learn valuable lessons in re: friendship. Let’s watch episode 15 of SKET Dance.

…thirty minutes pass…

This is what the episode should have been about, Onihime's shyness is far cuter than their clients'.

Another forgettable double episode.  I guess they tried to tie it together with a theme about poor communication abilities, but it didn’t really work.  I watch this show for the dialogue, so when you do an episode about people who have trouble talking, it leaves me cold.  It probably didn’t help that I don’t really have much of a familiarity with the Visual Kei musical genre, or with Japanese horror movies, or really even with Western horror movies.  I didn’t get any of their references, and with the double episode format they didn’t have enough time to build up characters to provide some level of interest going beyond references.  This episode just wasn’t for me, I guess.

There were a couple saving virtues for this episode though.  First, as pictured above, we got some Bossun/Onihime time, brief though it was.  I wish that that meant the show was moving toward actually addressing the romantic tension between them, but I seriously doubt it.  They’re just doing it to string along people like me, and the sad part is, it works, it kept me from calling the episode an unqualified failure.  Well, that, and I always get a kick out of seeing the SKET-dan utterly fail to solve people’s problems.  At the outset this was billed as a show about a sort of unprofessional low-class school help organization that lazes around doing nothing a lot of the time.  It’s the sort of formula that would be easy to stray from, because the natural tendency is to have the protagonists succeed at the things they attempt, and you can’t succeed at everything all the time and still claim to be scrappy unprofessional underdogs.  So episodes like this and the arc where the Student Council defeated them are nice, from a philosophical perspective at least.


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