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SKET Dance – Episode 14

The last arc in SKET Dance was the longest continuous arc we’ve had, at  a whopping three episodes.  Feels a little sad to leave it behind and go back to having nothing to say in my episode preambles.  Let’s hope for another titanic battle between good and evil to begin in SKET Dance episode 14.

…thirty minutes pass…

Switch pulls off an impressive 7-10 split.

Gotta love those silly class popularity contests.  In middle school I was voted “most likely to become a game show host”.  I might have liked to have gotten “best student”, I might have settled for “most popular”, but hey, you shouldn’t look down on game show hosts.  If you’ve ever read the manga National Quiz, you know how much power they can wield.

It strikes me as a little foolish to go to the SKET-dan for help making you popular.  First off, if they knew how to be popular, they’d be the Student Council, not the SKET-dan.  Second, if popularity were something that could be earned in a week as a club activity, people could save themselves a lot of effort.  You can be sure that any low-hanging fruit has been stripped from the tree and ravenously devoured, and even higher up the pickings are pretty sparse.  People put a lot of work into becoming popular.  Maybe Japanese high schools are a little less monomaniacal about this than American ones, I dunno.  Third, even if the SKET-dan could make you popular, popularity is a zero sum game.  Your popularity would only last until someone else came to the SKET-dan asking to be made popular and the SKET-dan helpfully dethroned you.  I guess in this guy’s case the popularity only needed to last a week, but.

This episode was rather light on jokes, but it had a touching moral, so I’ll forgive it this time.  Ah, to see ourselves as others see us… The sick mother was a little extraneous, but it didn’t bother me as much as the last time SKET Dance tried to use illness as a cheap ploy to stir up sentiment.  Maybe because her illness wasn’t portrayed as being as serious.


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