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Yuru Yuri – Episode 1

In this heat (80 F in the middle of the night) I’m looking for something light and easy to watch, where I won’t have to strain my brain too hard.  Yuru Yuri is a four-girl slice of life comedy, hopefully it will fill that role.  At least better than watching an hour-long premier of Kami-sama no Memo-chou or trying to make it through an episode of Steins;Gate.  Maybe this will be the slice of life comedy that finally tackles deep philosophical issues, who knows.  That’d be nice, actually.  I’d probably enjoy watching it, once the heat wave passes.  But for now we have to make do with what we have, and what we have is episode 1 of Yuru Yuri.

…thirty minutes pass…

My reaction to this show.

Yawn.  Well, you can’t tell if a slice of life comedy is going to be good or bad with out watching it, but I’ve watched it, and this one is bad.  The jokes are few and far between, and the ones that do show up are bland, predictable, and poorly executed.  The “yuri” in the title was actually a play on words, there are themes of lesbianism in this show, but they just end up being used as substitutes for jokes.  The show thinks it’s funny to show one middle-school girl grabbing another middle-school girl’s breasts, so it contrives for that to happen and then considers its joke quota met for the next minute or so.

I didn’t so much as smile at any of the show’s gags until about halfway through, when they had introduced the pink-haired chick and she started having to avoid the blonde’s unwanted advances.  There were a couple bits during that segment that I would classify as legitimately humorous, even if they weren’t genius sidesplitting comedy.  My judgment may be compromised due to my love for pink-haired chicks though.  And soon the segment ended and they were back to boring me.

I guess maybe it’s a little hypocritical of me to choose a show for its lack of stimulation and then complain about how little it stimulated me, but it’s too hot to avoid being a hypocrite.  To hell with you, Yuru Yuri, that was a waste of a half an hour.  1/2 for Summer.


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