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Usagi Drop – Episode 1

Let’s start with the new show that seems most likely to be any good, which would be R-15, but that’s not out yet, so we’ll settle for Usagi Drop.  Episode 1, start!

…thirty minutes pass…

She looks kind of like a young version of Nino-san from Arakawa, don't you think?

Mmm. Kind of a slow-moving show, and with Rin too shy to talk we don’t get as much dialogue as I’d like to fill the slow-moving bits.  Maybe now that she is with the only person who showed her kindness and away from the Horrible Hypocritical Adults, she’ll open up a little more.  The rice-eating scene at the end gave me a little bit more hope, that’s the sort of scene I’d like to see more of going forward.  Daily life, some cute dialogue, you can come away with a smile on your face.  Not endless scenes of looking at things and being sad.  Spending all episode at a funeral is kind of a freakin’ downer, you know?

I feel like this episode judged the Horrible Hypocritical Adults a little too harshly for not wanting to deal with Rin.  After all, taking care of a child is a lot of work.  It would be virtuous of them to step up and agree to take care of her, like in fact the protagonist did, but I don’t think you can call them sinful for not wanting to.  I guess you could say something about the ties of family, and how family members have to stick together no matter what.  And this family obviously doesn’t adhere to that, and you can see it in the various other ways the family is dysfunctional.  I suppose, then, the worst thing they did was try to deny that she was family, a family so dysfunctional it will cut parts of its own self off.  I doubt they were doing it deliberately, maliciously.  The evidence was all there, but it’s easy not to see evidence when you don’t want to.  Whether or not you hold that against them will have to be a personal decision.

I hope that this is mostly the last we see of that extended family.  I don’t want to be treated to endless scenes of people being mildly shitty to each other, except that one little girl, who is extremely shitty to people.  Well, that’s just how children are.  Not your children, of course.  Your children are good children, like Rin, except not as traumatized.  And I guess “mildly shitty to each other” is just how people are.  Not you, of course.  You are a good person, like the protagonist.

I’ll keep watching Usagi Drop, hopefully it’ll step up its game.  A weak 1/1 for Summer.

One response to “Usagi Drop – Episode 1

  1. feal87 July 9, 2011 at 2:31 am

    This show is very slow and will continue to be this way, after all its drama. My real thoughts are about the seiyuu, are they going to change seiyuu for the main girl over the time?

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