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SKET Dance – Episode 13

Now it’s time for the thrilling probably-conclusion to the probably three-part SKET Dance game competition arc.  It’s not unthinkable that they could drag this arc out for two more episodes, by covering the dating sim competition in this episode and then unveiling some shocking special game as the last match that could act as a cliffhanger, but I doubt they’d spend a whole episode focused on Roman instead of a real SKET-dan member.  I’m hoping they’ll get her out of the way quickly and move on to Bossun, who’s a little more interesting as a character, but we’ll just have to see what they do in episode 13 of SKET Dance.

…thirty minutes pass…

Oh my god, her mouth is a heart. Too bad her character isn't at all interesting, because that's adorable.

SKET Dance isn’t Kaiji, and it shouldn’t try to be.  That card game they had was almost as uninteresting as that Chinchirorin dice game they were playing in Kaiji, and it didn’t have Kaiji’s zawa-zawa to back it up.  I was almost sad they dispensed with Roman’s competition so quickly, although it was amusing how they did it.  In fact, no “almost”, I was sad. Looking back on it that segment had a lot of good gags in it, even if I didn’t like either of the characters involved.  They’re one-dimensional, but they show up rarely enough that the show can play their single dimension for humor without running it dry.

But the meat of the episode was the battle between the Student Council President and Bossun, and like I said it let me down.  Not only was the game itself uninteresting, but I felt a little cheated when the President raised the stakes to create dramatic tension and then at the end was like “just kidding”.  I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but I had hopes that the show would take a courageous move and have the SKET-Dan work for an episode under the leadership of Switch, during which he makes a hash of things somehow despite being basically an amazing perfect person, and at the end they would petition the Student Council to let Bossun back in.  But instead they made a mockery of it and made it hard to ever take their dramatic moments seriously again.  For shame.

It looks like Bossun and the President are going to come out of this with an enduring rivalry.  Didn’t he already have an enduring rivalry with the Vice-President?  How many enduring rivals can he juggle at once without them getting jealous at his polyantagonistic ways?  You might think the President and VP could present a unified rivalacious front, but considering how much the President dicks the VP around for his own amusement I’m not sure they aren’t themselves enduring rivals.  We could have a hate triangle on our hands here, or a truel.  Which two will band together to destroy the third first?


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