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Steins;Gate – Episode 12

Several shows from the Summer season have already started airing, which means it’s time to wrap up Spring.  While there’s nothing I can do about the delayed Denpa Onna subs or the Kaiji subs that seem to have been abandoned altogether, the only reason for me being behind on Steins;Gate is my own procrastination, so let’s rectify that.  A little worried about what will happen now that things are starting to get seriously serious – will I still like the show once it turns dark and becomes less slice of lifey?  We’ll see if Hououin can rise to the level of the doctor from Shiki as a badass Man of Science hero starting with episode 12 of Steins;Gate.

…thirty minutes pass…

He said he treats games as life or death struggles. If only he treated his life or death struggles as life or death struggles, maybe he could have averted this. He's Okabe from now on, I think Hououin might have just died.

Oof.  Welp.  That’s the power of spending ~8 episodes on slice of life stuff in your sci-fi drama show, when you kill your characters your audience feels it.  I honestly didn’t think they’d go that far, I honestly thought they were going to kill Mr. Braun’s daughter and that would be the trigger for the show’s new paradigm.  I guess I need a new hypothesis to explain that scene with her in the last episode… maybe she grows up into a dystopian future, travels back in time (bodily, not using the Phone Microwave w/ Headphones), and becomes one of Okabe’s lab members.  If she becomes Moeka, that would explain the FB she was muttering about: it stands for Father Braun.  OK, that’s ridiculous, it would be more likely she would be the part-time soldier. That would explain how she was able to worm her way into a position at Mr. Braun’s shop, if she knows all his personality quirks. I was figuring her for John Titor, but I guess she can be both.  She can be every character, if she dyes her hair and modulates the vegetable content of her mother’s diet.  That’s the magic of time travel.

So, where do we go from here?  Obviously their first priority is to try to undo The Event, but that’s gonna be tricky, because they didn’t take proper precautions.  I guess I never updated my list of things to do from back when I thought they only thing they had to worry about was killing themselves.  Once you suspect that there is an active force working against you and alerted to your presence, well, you don’t open up a goddamn direct line to their servers.  Daru has somehow never heard of a honeypot?  Some freaking hacker.  But ignoring that, they should have made a priority of building a second Phone Microwave that they could put somewhere off-site.  They should have made a priority of building a miniaturized Phone Microwave, that Okabe could hide in a secret compartment in his wristwatch.  Neither of those would have helped in this case given their open recruitment policy, but they would have been good policy.  What would have helped would have been a D-mail dead man’s switch – send D-mails to yourself at regular intervals to say “all’s well here in sunny The Future”.  Then if one fails to arrive, you know that shit has gone down and you can go to ground.  And maybe you do not take some of the more questionably loyal lab members with you?  Hell, in the past you don’t even have to wait for them to arrive at regular intervals.  You just send back a bunch of time codes to the same temporal location, and you can triangulate how much time you have before shit goes down.

But it’s too late for that now.  They can try to get a quick message out before they get shot, I guess, but I would not chance it against Time Commandos.  I guess you have to hope that one of your various assets still in play comes to your rescue. The part-time soldier can talk the murderous talk, but can she walk the murderous walk?  Or will it have to be John Titor that saves the man he wanted as his savior?

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