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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 11

Ok, last time on TWGOK season 2 Keima finally found the lead he needed to begin cracking the Nagase case.  Apparently something bad happened happened to her basketball team in high school?  So what this means is A) flashbacks and B) sports.  Ugh.  I tried watching Eyeshield 21 for a while, that’s pretty much removed all my desire to ever watch a sports-based anime again. And basketball is, as a sport, less interesting to watch than football anyway.  Well, I knew the life of an anime blogger was a hard one when I started.  I guess I’ll try to struggle through episode 11 of TWGOK season two, and just be glad she wasn’t on the baseball team.

…thirty minutes pass…

Nobody's just going to come out and say "I'm only on this team so that it will look good on my college applications". In fact, it's safer not to think it, and truly believe you want to be a great basketballer even as you get mad at people for trying to help you become one.

Well, on the plus side, we didn’t have to put up with much of any basketball.  On the minus side, we got to sit through a pro-wrestling match instead.  I guess in an anime, the fact that WRESTLING IS ALL FAKE (!) doesn’t matter as much, because all anime sports are fake.  It’s not really possible for a running-back to travel at the speed of light, I’m sorry.  So maybe pro-wrestling, which is optimized for being exciting rather than being real-world practicable, is the best sport to watch in the context of an anime.  I didn’t enjoy this iteration of it, though.

I didn’t enjoy this episode in general, in fact.  They set Nagase up as an idealist holding notions that don’t match up with reality, and there are places to go with that, but one place I do not want to go is “continue holding those notions, to hell with reality”.  Can’t you see?  Nagase isn’t doing good, she isn’t helping these people.  She’s getting crazy notions in her head of what other people “want” or what would be “good for them”, then going off and forcing it on them and expecting to be praised for her actions.  Selfish?  She’s the selfish one!  Trying to hammer everybody into the mold of her ideals like that, it’s hypocrisy.  If you really want to help people, become a resource for them.  Permit them to use you as a listening ear if they need one, don’t go demanding that they tell you their problems.  People don’t always want what’s best for themselves, but other people hardly ever want what’s best for them.  Nagase may say she does, but what she really wants is to prove she’s a great teacher.

So, basically I cannot accept their tacit endorsement of Nagase’s behavior.  Meddling busybodies who keep their heads in the clouds clinging to their ideals rather than looking clear-eyed at reality are not the rolemodels I want my teachers to see in my anime.  From a technical point of view, too, the jokes were a little thin in this episode.  There was a bit of physical comedy at the wrestling match, and then Keima giving Elsie the plan to follow to the letter, and that was it.  Just all around a bad episode.

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