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SKET Dance – Episode 11

I don’t really have much to say about SKET Dance.  I kind of feel locked into writing a 1/3 page preamble to my episodic anime posts, because that’s sort of the blogging format that has evolved for Sun Tzu Anime, but it makes it hard to just sit down and watch an episode of a silly fun anime episode when I want to.  And right now I want to!  I want to watch episode 11 of SKET Dance, and you cannot stop me.

…thirty minutes pass…

He's the motherfucking Switch, that's how.

A two-part episode!  Maybe that means next episode is the last one.  Let’s hope not, I’ve looked at the summer lineup and I’m not sure I can find more than a couple shows worth even checking out from it.  Anyway this episode was good from start to finish.  I think I like the SKET Dan more the more pointless the request they’re fulfilling is.  Reunite a man with his dying childhood sweetheart?  Bleh.  Win a rare Team Fortress 2 hat for a gamer girl?  I’m all over that.

It was interesting watching the Student Council and the SKET-dan’s different ways of handling things.  The Student Council makes the perfect foil for the SKET-dan, because they are so clean, focused, seamless in their efforts, as compared with the SKET-dan’s laidback, chaotic, at times lazy nature.  The Student Council is a stand-in for the viewer’s rivals, everyone who always seems to have everything under control, because they’re attractive, or rich, or super-intense, or whatever.  The guy who’s up against you for promotion and you’re worried that he might be outright better for the position than you.  And the SKET-dan doesn’t have these natural, passive advantages, but they have spirit, heart, scrappy heroics.  Even when their teammate flakes out on them (which somehow always seems to happen to you, not your rival doesn’t it) they make the best of it.  I guess it’s too early to say if they managed to overcome the obstacles with pure fighting spirit, but I expect they will.  It’s not really an uplifting moral to say “yeah, that other guy who’s better than you, you’re just gonna lose to him, sorry.  Give up, it’s hopeless”.

The cooking contest was great, reminiscent of Yakitate Japan.  Wasn’t quite up to that level of enjoyable absurdity, but it was full of passion, friendship and justice, and got me fired up and excited.  Poor Onihime, though.  It sucks to bust out your secret technique and then not even win.  You may as well have held it in reserve so that Switch wouldn’t ask you to cook for him.


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