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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 10

Now let’s return to the world of The World God Only Knows, and watch Keima try to clear the teacher route.  The teacher route was the best route in Persona 3, it moved me to tears.  What a great game.  I don’t think Persona 4 even had a teacher route.  Neither did Fate/Stay Night, I guess, and it was a pretty good game.  What games have you played where you could romantically pursue your high-school teacher? Were they any good?  Ponder these discussion questions while we watch episode 10 of TWGOK season 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

I know, right? It's like he's some sort of "problem child" or something!

 Nagase continues to be a fun conquest target.  Most of the other girls he’s pursued have just passively accepted their status as targets, or at most responded to stimuli by lashing out, in ways that Keima could predict and counter.  But Nagase is different: she’s planning.  Nagase isn’t going to let Keima do as he pleases.  She has her own idea of what story is being told here, and it isn’t a student/teacher romance (student/student teacher romance), it’s the story of how she rescued a kid from going down the wrong path and he was grateful to her forever.  Keima is on the defensive, and he’s clearly not used to it.  Well, I doubt there are many dating sims about fending off unwanted attention.  Possibly an untapped market niche?  I think you could get some mileage out of an adversarial dating sim.  That would open up the whole realm of multiplayer, you try to seduce your friend as he tries to maneuver you into the friend-zone.  It’s brilliant!

I was glad to see Nagase get frustrated at the gap between the real world and the idealistic story she’s created in her head.  I don’t want her to be a one-note character always pushing her cheer on everybody she meets, even if that’s what she herself wants.  I’m a little sad that her big secret turned out to be five-year-old trauma about her high school basketball team, though.  Yawn.  First of all, we’ve already captured a sporty chick, and she was kinda boring.  Second of all, it’s much more interesting if the hole in her heart is brought about by reality not living up to her expectations, rather than her having an old wound that an opportunistic ghost just happened to find.  I would have liked to see what Keima would have done if it turned out that Nagase’s problem was unfixable, that she was right to despair because the world is a terrible place in a lot of ways, and people don’t do the right thing, and data collection is hard.  He could have talked her into accepting the real world, while hypocritically not accepting it himself.  And instead we get to watch him play therapist about how her high school basketball team didn’t love her.  What a waste.


2 responses to “The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 10

  1. feal87 June 19, 2011 at 2:53 am

    From the look of it too much will be left uncompleted by this second adaptation….need a third one!

  2. tomphile June 19, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Or they could go with something like the last season – an episode centered only on Keima for the finale.

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