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SKET Dance – Episode 10

Ok, got my new computer all set up and humming, time to break it in by watching an anime I don’t really care about in case something goes horribly wrong during playback.  I guess that means SKET Dance.  Nothing personal, SKET Dance, I still love you and everything, but it’s a great season and I don’t want my Hanasaku Iroha experience interrupted if a codec fails to dec.  SKET Dance is also more… modular?  It doesn’t rely so much on creating a feel, it mostly just makes jokes.  And I like jokes, but once you tell a joke, it doesn’t make the next joke less funny if you have to spend five minutes sorting out subtitle issues between them.  Still, let’s hope nothing goes wrong as we watch SKET Dance episode 10.

…thirty minutes pass….

Takes a little of the magic out of the opening animation now that I've seen them afroing it up in the show proper.

 Turned out there was a problem, my DVD drive was making taking screenshots take forever.  Hopefully got that resolved.  This was a fine episode, certainly better than the last one.  As usual with these mystery episodes I could see all the twists coming a mile away.  “Oh, she has a DVD she doesn’t want the SKET-dan to watch?  Obviously it has test cheating materials on it, she found it by mistake, and she doesn’t want to be accused of cheating.”  Maybe I watched too much Scooby-Doo growing up.  Switch is a lot more charming than Shaggy, I’ll just say that.

The biggest thing that stood out to me about this episode was the climactic, heroic ending.  Bossun used the power of believing in himself to defeat the villain.  He made a prediction based on his model of the world, and then he stuck to it, without any direct evidence, even in the face of great danger.  Even when the direct evidence seemed to show he was wrong, he stood firm, because it was more likely the world was wrong than his theory.  And he was vindicated!  That sort of self-confidence is a great heroic trait, if it’s justified.  If it’s not, it becomes hubris, a mid-tier heroic flaw.


One response to “SKET Dance – Episode 10

  1. Bass June 19, 2011 at 2:14 am

    I don’t blame you for thinking that way, as a huge Sket Dance fan the anime is sort of so-so to me. The manga however is brilliant once you get past the first volume or so, as the gags and comedy escalate to crazy lengths.

    Don’t worry though, the next episode, number 11, is heading towards a pretty good arc. The animation and art quality in 11 is also substantially higher than the past few, so I can tell that they were saving up big time for the main event.

    Be sure to check the latest one out. I’d love to see what you take out of it

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