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SKET Dance – Episode 9

I wonder if SKET Dance is going to end at 13 episodes, or if it’s going to keep going?  AIUI there is a large body of manga supporting the anime, so they could continue it pretty much indefinitely, but I haven’t really heard a lot of buzz about it, so maybe it’s unpopular enough they won’t bother continuing it.  If it is ending at 13, now is about the time when they will start their Series Capping Drama.  Which will suck!  So I hope it continues forever so it can stay lighthearted and funny, I hope we will enjoy episode 9 of SKET Dance.

…thirty minutes pass…

Onihime seemed to be fawning over Bossun so much that it was really out of character, this episode.

Ugh.  If you need to include this kind of filler to pad out to two seasons, maybe you should stop at one.  This episode was pretty much unrelentingly awful.  “Character drinks a sketchy elixir that turns him into a child, with wacky results” is an uncreative premise for a story, and they didn’t really go anywhere special with it.  Adding the manga author to the mix just gave them an opening to make meta “jokes” that were actually just references.  (Did you catch the Bakuman reference?  If you didn’t it’s confusing and if you did it’s like, oh, Bakuman, that’s a manga that exists.)  The main running gag of the episode, Bossun being a boring character who is unfit to be the protagonist, hit too close to home to be funny.  Why is such a relatively uninteresting character the lead, anyway? I guess I had sort of gotten over that and just started enjoying the rest of the characters, so thanks for ripping the scab off, dumb manga artist guy.

Even the production quality felt low.  They relied on still-manga-panel shots in most of the scenes in this episode, and while that’s a stylistic convention of the show when dealing with manga artists, it’s also really cheap to produce and looks lazy.  As I recall, I quit following Bakuman right around the time they started putting out episodes that were mostly manga stills, and they had a far better excuse for it.  And the writing was lazy too: the main story arc was dead simple, and so they padded out the runtime by bringing in all the minor characters to show them reacting to Li’l Bossun.  Going down a checklist, ok we did the samurai guy, we did the student council president, we did the manga chick…  None of their reactions were even especially interesting.

Look, I recognize that sometimes with budget pressures or time pressures or just plain not being fired up on a particular day, bad episodes will happen.  I’m not dropping SKET Dance or anything.  But I did not enjoy this episode very much at all.


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