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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 9

Last episode on TWGOK was maybe filler, but maybe it was cover for the reintroduction of Haqua, the tsundere demoness with a high opinion of herself.  Is “high opinion of herself” redundant with “tsundere”?  I can’t think of any tsunderes that didn’t have a high opinion of themselves… I’m not sure I can think of any girls with high opinions of themselves that weren’t tsunderes.  Oh!  Lafiel from Crest of the Stars/Sword of the Stars!  She was very proud of her position as an Abriel, but IIRC she got along pretty well with the protagonist anyway.  Man, the Stars Chronicles were good shows.  TWGOK is also a good show, so let’s watch episode 9.

…thirty minutes pass…

The sad part is, in the supernatural world of TWGOK, this is actually a perfectly reasonable question.

So, this new target could have potential.  During the episode Keima asked rhetorically “What’s the appeal of a teacher in training?”  But in fact there is an appealing side to that character setting: it’s the contrast between the nominal position of power she’s in with her lack of experience and confidence in the correctness of her actions.  This is basically an amplification the “onee-san” factor that Keima’s classmates mentioned: she’s older than you, but not that much older, so she bosses you around but she’s not always right.  And if Keima’s not into that, that’s fine, but he ought to at least accept the possibility that others might be.  Especially when there is evidence right before his eyes that others in fact are.  I guess “others” is a concept Keima sort of has trouble with.

I like this new student teacher haremette, but there’s one thing that worries me: she seems to overlap a lot with Elsie.  They both have boundless optimism and try hard at their job.  They’re both a little worried, both in general over whether or not they will be able to do a good job, and in specific about how many silly games Keima wastes his time playing.  And they both have a specific weird taste (Elsie for fire trucks, Nagase for dead wrestlers).  Maybe the fact that the context is different, that she’s a target rather than a buddy, will help prevent too much collision.

I really enjoyed the scene where Nagase corners Keima and makes him talk to her.  Cool to see him flustered when things start happening in real time before he has a chance to plan them out.  They were cute together!  And Keima is a Capturing God, so it’s always nice to see things not go right for him.


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