A thoughtful response to current anime.

SKET Dance – Episode 8

Last episode of SKET Dance didn’t sit too well with me, terminal illness is a little too heavy a theme for a show that’s supposed to be occupying the “light fun comedy” slot on my roster.  They still made jokes, but it sort of felt like they shouldn’t have, you know?  I guess there is a comedy about cancer airing on American TV right now, so maybe I’m the weird one here.  Either way, I hope episode 8 of SKET Dance is more silly fluffy nonsense than grave life-threatening fluffy nonsense.

…thirty minutes pass…

Oh god damn it.

No, despite the clever fakeout pictured above, this was a nice light episode.  I really liked it!  It was a two-way split episode again, so I’ll take the two subepisodes separately.

Onihime II becoming a voice actress was great.  Anime meta-commentary and meta-jokes are usually a good time, and this episode had some of the best show-within-a-show I’ve seen.  Futari wa Nervous and that Extortion Witch show with the name I can’t remember, we only saw them briefly, but they got right to the sharp satiric point.  Way better than that crappy show Kirino liked in There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be This Cute.  Kujibiki Unbalance from Genshiken was pretty cool, but then they spun it off into an actual show to try to squeeze a few more yen out of the property and they wrecked it.    Anyway, I loved Switch’s taste in anime.  He seemed like a very discerning viewer, with careful, measured opinions, watching only the finest anime.  He seemed like the sort of fellow who would write an anime blog worth reading.

The arc about the sport “Genesis” started out slow, but I got into it.  At first it was just, a wacky teacher making them do wacky things and being wacky at them, but things started to turn around when Switch got that gleam in his eyes and started analyzing the strategy.  (Switch is awesome, the theme of this episode (and any episode that’s worth a damn).)  Then they all got into it it, and started playing with passion, and friendship, and justice, and yeah, it was a pointless activity that made them dress up in weird outfits and do stupid-looking things, but the same could be said of all sports, right?  I think that’s the real moral of the story, here: sports are dumb.  I guess there’s also the moral that it’s okay to do dumb stuff if you’re having fun, but that’s not as spiritually uplifting.


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