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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 9

Okay, I gotta watch Hanasaku Iroha to see what the big reveal they were cliffhanging was.  Maybe it wasn’t a wedding at all.  Maybe it was a funeral!  The landlady’s funeral!  See, she was sick earlier, she must have died and the chef guy took off to attend her secret funeral.  It all makes sense.  Or possibly they weren’t cliffhanging anything, and it just happened that they ran out of episode just as she was opening the door.  The chef guy is gonna be on the other side, at some random wedding reception, and he’s gonna be like “yeah, this is boring, let’s get out of here”.  OR!  Best one yet!  You know how they sometimes throw people surprise birthday parties?  It’s a surprise wedding!  All her friends are going to jump out and yell “surprise!” and then wheel out a wedding cake.  It’s brilliant!  Ok, I’m not going to top that, let’s watch episode 9 of Hanasaku Iroha.

…thirty minutes pass…

I wanted to yell this at the characters all the time in this episode. Don't you realize how busy Kissui Inn is?

Amazing.  Just amazing.  The best episode of Hanasaku Iroha yet, even counting the first couple amazing episodes and the amazing episode with the survival gamers.  I am in this show to see tales of youth, of wandering lost, of being supported by your friends, of struggling passionately for what you believe in, and this episode delivered all of those in copious amounts.

It’s hard to think of what to say, when every little thing in this episode was so perfect.  I guess one thing that was kind of annoying was the deflated cliffhanger.  Yeah, it was neat the first time I saw it happen in a show, but now it’s really overused and just seems uncreative.  But everything after that was great.  Her passionate, life or death struggle to find the chef, mated with Kou-chan’s sort of indifferent and pointless journey out to the country, for example.  It was great how she had actual barriers put in her path, she was in a strange place and had no directions, but with the power of positive thinking she busted through them and found the chef after all.  Whereas Kou-chan, on the other hand, despite his lofty ideals, just sort of flopped aimlessly in the general direction he thought he might find Ohana.  He rode the train to the country, couldn’t get a room at Kissui Inn (do they not have a thing called reservations in the big city?) and then just, left?  This tiny obstacle made him bounce right off?  There is a competing inn right nearby, it is sort of a plot point.  Or you could find a park or something to camp out in.  Or you could sleep with Ohana, that would get the plot jumping.  Her roommate might find it a little hobiron, though.

After that there were too many great bits to list, but I am going to list some of them.  Ohana/chef on the motorcycle, Minchi getting fired up about responsibility, Minchi/chef in the kitchen, heartwarming moment with Ohana and the undercover reporter, heartwarming moment with Ohana thanking Kou-chan for his help, heartwarming moment with the landlady returning to her inn like a queen returning triumphantly from exile.  So good.  What a great episode.


One response to “Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 9

  1. HumpyWumpy June 11, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    It was pretty great! They followed it up kind of strangely, but I guess you’ll get there eventually.

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