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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 8

Last episode of Hanasaku Iroha was a filler-esque character study, so who knows where we are off to now?  I’m sort of hoping we will pick back up on the romance between Ohana and that chef dude.  Seems like the sort of thing that would lead Minchi to shout “hobiron” a lot and run off crying, which is a dynamic I feel I would enjoy.  They could also bring in more school life stuff – I know that there are a million shows set at a school, and fewer set at an inn (although I guess Love Hina and imitators means there are more than you might think), but the school has the rival inn heiress, and the rival inn heiress is fun and cool and we do not see her enough.  I guess they could do more inn rivalry stuff, but the last episode featuring the inn rivalry kind of sucked despite the rival inn heiress making an appearance.  Hopefully episode 8 of Hanasaku Iroha does not suck like that.

…thirty minutes pass…

That's why indie games are the only ones worth playing.

It was a decent episode, but I feel like it didn’t quite live up to its potential.  They were all running around in a panic because the landlady was out of commission, but in previous episodes she hadn’t really seemed to be all that crucial to the day to day activity of the inn.  In previous episodes, her main role was to smack Ohana around when she screwed up, and then lead an apology to the customer that had been mistreated.  And that’s a valuable role, but it’s one that only pops up in emergencies.  I felt like they should have waited for things to start going wrong before they freaked out at not having someone there to set them right again.  Also, Ohana’s relationship with the landlady is still a little hazy in my mind.  Ohana got all concerned when she collapsed, well, that’s fair, Ohana is on the record as not wanting anyone to die.  Then Ohana got all concerned and went to visit her in the hospital, which is reasonable, given the well-known bias where grandchildren love their grandparents, except she didn’t even realize that they were related?  She just thinks of the landlady as the landlady, and it seems like the landlady has been mean to her a lot.  I guess it’s Ohana, and she can take that sort of thing in stride.  The author dude kidnapped her and wrote erotica prominently featuring her, and she was trying to help him with his problems before he even released her.  Maybe she’s… a good and caring person?

Kinda lame that they ended the episode on a cliffhanger without telling us what the cliffhanger was about.  Something strange is going on at the wedding that the chef dude is attending.  Perhaps the chef dude has a starring role in the wedding?  Who could he be marrying, do you think, to get such a reaction?  Quick brainstorm here: the heiress of the rival inn, the landlady of the rival inn, the landlady of their inn who faked illness to attend a secret wedding, Ohana’s mother, Kou-chan.  Those all seem pretty plausible, hard to choose a best candidate.


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