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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 7

In TWGOK, we are still in the midst of the arc where Keima puts his considerable talents toward seducing a dude.  If you think about it, you’d probably be better at that than at seducing a chick if you were just basing things off what you learned from dating sims.  If a dating sim is marketed to males, then it is going to represent a male fantasy, so the behaviors that are effective on dating sim girls aren’t going to be the behaviors that are effective on real life females.  They’re going to be the behaviors that men would like to believe are effective on real life females.  Dating sim girls, though, are optimised to charm real life men, the men who make dating sim purchases.  So as a girl, taking your cues from dating sim girl behavior might not be the worst thing in the world, if you can stomach it.  Of course, the sort of men who are the target market for dating sims might not be the sort of men in whom you are interested.  But this is all sort of moot – TWGOK does not really take a realistic point of view on relationships.  Still, the fantastic point of view is enjoyable in its own way, so let’s enjoy episode 7 of TWGOK season 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

People often make claims about their desires that are not fully accurate! Have you never heard of a "tsundere"?

Well, it’s conclusive, the wandering spirit was not in Keima.  Unless there were two… that would be the perfect cover, you figure.  Wait for some other jackass spirit to set off the alarm, and then sneak in in the confusion.  For bonus points, sneak into the exorcist, so that even if you are detected they will have a devil of a time getting you out, pun intended.

Cool ep, even though Keima did not display the clinical detachment I have come to appreciate from him.  It was nice for a change to see him driven to care, to see the sort of girl he likes. It was definitely nice for a change to see him sort of fail.  It’s always fun watching a master of the game play, but it gets to be monotonous if everything always goes right for the hero.  That’s why Kaiji was a better show than Akagi, and why Death Note was better than a lot of the junk trying to imitate it.

It was cool how the rain mirrored the sadness in her heart, and then when she was kissed there was a break in the clouds and she was bathed in light.  It’s such a pathetically overdone, cheesy trope, but they can get away with it in this show, because the weather is actually, canonically mirroring the sadness in her heart, due to magic.  I know I said I didn’t like the supernatural elements they had been bringing in, but using them for that sort of thing is A-OK in my book.

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