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SKET Dance – Episode 7

SKET Dance isn’t really a show that has ongoing plot arcs that you have to remember, or deep overarching themes to analyze. It’s all right there in the name: Support, Kindness, Encouragement, Troubleshoot. So I’m just going to jump into episode 7 of SKET Dance, and then maybe we can talk about the episode afterward.

…thirty minutes pass…

Onihime is surprisingly well-suited to the role of hot mission-control chick.

Eh… not a strong episode this time, I didn’t feel.  The problem with this episodic format, where every episode (or indeed half-episode) is its own self-contained story is that it doesn’t give us time to really get involved with any of the characters that pass through the doors of the SKET-dan clubroom.  So when they try to do stories with a serious sentimental element, like this episode, I am left sitting there wondering “why should I care about what is happening to these people, sure it’s sad that he’s separated from the love of his life who is slowly dying, but he’s just some random guy”.  I guess that’s what the SKET-dan has to deal with every day, though.  They usually don’t know the people who come to them with requests, but it’s their job to support, kindnessify, encourage, and troubleshoot them.  It must take a special kind of heroic virtue to do that, to go as far as to wear a dumb-looking purple and gold polo shirt for someone you’ve never met before, just because they are too cowardly to do themselves what needs to get done.  SKET-dan, you’re so admirable!

I guess they are in some ways dealing with this issue by having the characters recur.  For instance, we saw the samurai dude again briefly, and Onihime Part Two was in both this episode and the last one.  If we don’t watch out, she’ll join the main cast, which would be awful because her character is really one-dimensional.  Oh, Onihime the First turned her to the side of good so now she’s her minion, that’s great, but have her do something other than constantly display slavish devotion, please.

I liked the appearance of Bossun’s sisters in this episode, though.  There are some recurring characters I would not mind seeing more of.  I dunno that they go to the SKET-dan’s school, though, so I dunno that the SKET-dan would be allowed to help them.  They should allow for requests from other schools and just charge like a fee in those cases.  I bet the expertise of the SKET-dan could command high rates.  Although if you’re support/kindness/encouragement/troubleshooting for a fee, you are likely to feel less free to say stuff like “man up and just go meet her yourself, you spineless coward”.  Which is sometimes what needs to be said!  Truly, the path of the paid advisor is riddled with potential pitfalls.


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