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SKET Dance – Episode 6

Last episode in SKET Dance the Student Council arrived on the scene. It looked like they were going to set up some sort of rivalry over who could help the student body better – a group of highly skilled, highly professional, sharply dressed elected representatives, or the smaller, dingier, less focused, less driven, unelected, unaccountable SKET-dan. Well, maybe not unaccountable. Maybe this isn’t setting up a rivalry exactly, maybe the Student Council is here to reprimand them for the various objects and structures they’ve blown up over the past few episodes. They’ll get put on double secret probation and have to hatch a wacky scheme involving support, kindness, encouragement and troubleshoot to save their beloved club. And in the end the Chemistry teacher, their sponsor, will save the day by brewing some sort of amnesia drug to make the Student Council forget all about the horrible things they’ve done. Let’s watch episode 6 of SKET Dance, where none of that will happen.

…thirty minutes pass…

There's no point in losing if you don't at least get to have a battle.

Well, I was right in the broad strokes, at least.  They did have to come up with a crazy scheme under threat of being shut down, and it did involve a lot of Support, Kindness, Encouragement, and Troubleshoot.   I dunno that I liked the puppet show that they audibled into, honestly.  It had some nice themes about how you should forgive people for hitting you over and over because probably they just want to be loved, but in the end the voice actresses broke down into real tears, which might seem like good solid acting, but would actually serve to make the dialogue impossible to understand.  Especially for young children, whose language abilities are less developed!  I dunno, I’m voting for Peter Pan.  It was impressive how he flew around like that, and he seemed really intense during the swordfight.

The Student Council VP is a cool guy, IMO.  He’s passionate, and just, and he recognizes that he needs to work on the friendship part ok.  He believes in victory, but he also believes in beating the hell out of the unscrupulous drama club.  Screw the drama club!  Hate those guys!  He’d make a good apprentice for Bossun, who was the real hero today.  It’s virtuous to stand there and say, I want a good clean fight, and I intend to win it.  It’s heroic to be given an unclean fight, and cleanly win it anyway.

I got a serious Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi vibe out of this episode.  The two shows are a lot alike, and then SKET Dance has an episode prominently featuring fairy-tale themes?  About a girl who beats people up and is so terrifying no one will ever love her?  I should finish watching OK7 one of these days.  SKET Dance is of course a higher priority now, though.


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