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Steins;Gate – Episode 6

Steins;Gate has sort of a weird place in this season’s lineup for me. Ever since I dropped C, it’s filled the “trashy action show” slot for me. This even though there has been no action at all in it. Literally not any. Everything that has happened in this show has happened at a slow, deliberate pace, and mostly they have just talked. I guess Makise Kurisu got stabbed, but that happened off-camera, and in any case it didn’t stick. This doesn’t seem like much of a sequel to Chaos;Head unless something really wacky is going to go down. It’s just a show based on a game made by the same people as the game on which Chaos Head was based was made by. And yet I’m judging it based on Chaos;Head’s nonsense violence plot? That’s unfair. Here’s hoping episode 6 of Steins;Gate continues to be a feelings and relationships time travel show without a lot of dull action.

…thirty minutes pass…

Just like a proper mad scientist!

This episode didn’t have any action in it.  On reflection, I’m not sure it had anything in it at all.  I guess they moved the plot along by finally determining how to operate the Phone Microwave (name subject to change).  And we spent a lot of time watching Hououin fearing being turned into a jellyperson.  Which is fine. Usually that sort of thing upsets me and makes me call people “Luddites” and say hurtful things like “go smash some looms, Luddite”, but for a mad scientist who opens the door to the Phone Microwave (name subject to change) while it is full of arcing electricity, and who doesn’t wear proper eye protection in the lab, it’s nice to see a note of caution.  When you’re playing around with unknown phenomena, it’s important to be a little careful lest that cool glowing substance kill your bone marrow, or your amazing new weapon ignite the nitrogen in the earth’s atmosphere in a self-sustaining fusion reaction that destroys all life.  This isn’t just a problem with Hououin, though.  Kurisu even tasted the gel-banas, and she doesn’t wear eye protection either.  Daru would probably protest that eye protection is known to be ineffectual.

So, it wasn’t an episode that made a huge impression on me.  But I like the characters, we had some fun times.  Hououin’s lab members are even worse at operational security than he is.  Hououin might be the only one taking this stuff seriously.  Which is surprising, given that Kurisu seems so on-the ball, but she does some wacky stuff, like tasting an unknown eldritch goop from beyond the walls of time, so maybe it’s in character for her.  She thinks this is all a game.  So does Hououin I guess, but he takes games seriously.  Good man.

One response to “Steins;Gate – Episode 6

  1. gecd May 27, 2011 at 11:00 am

    since when S;G became action anime?

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