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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 6

So I have been thinking about the last episode of The World God Only Knows and… how precise is that Loose Soul Radar that Elsie has, anyway?  It seems to go off when it detects a loose soul within a certain proximity, and beeps for a while, then stops and does not respond to that particular soul again?  Otherwise it would be going off the whole time they were hunting a particular girl.  Maybe she can “re-arm” it if she loses track of the soul, she was able to use it in episode 4 to hunt the big loose soul even though she’d already met it.  In fact isn’t that how she tracked down Kanon when she ran away?  I wonder if it’s actually linked into her magical iPad thing that shows people’s personal data (as opposed to a regular iPad where it just steals yours so Steve Jobs can sell it).  It can’t be, right?  In episode 2 of the first season, she had to use triangulation to find out who the person who had the loose soul was, because they were in a crowd when it went off.  Of course in the last episode the only person around when it went off was Chihiro, so that wasn’t considered necessary.

Keima considers Chihiro excessively ordinary to be his target.  Certainly it’s possible that she’s hiding something (Mio was too), or possible that ordinariness does not disqualify you from being possessed (although of the five possession targets thus far none of them have been ordinary).  Keima is the Capturing God, though, he’s an expert.  If he’s confused, maybe we should be too.  And Chihiro seemed to be doing all right.  A lot better than Keima, at least…  Keima who also happened to be standing nearby when the loose soul detector went off, Keima whose behavior has become exceedingly strange of late (well, more exceedingly strange), Keima who is feeling alone and outcast and has an empty place in his heart for a spirit to hide in.  Of course, of the five possession targets thus far none of them have been dudes.  Just luck?  There’s a roughly 1 in 32 chance of that happening by accident.  I did notice that when the giant loose soul was controlling people en masse it was able to control the male members of the drama club.  Maybe it works differently for big ones, but maybe not.  Maybe a young maiden’s heart is delicate, and so they are more vulnerable to possession than tough manly men.  Which doesn’t really describe Keima!  Well, I could theorize all night, but if we watch episode 6 of TWGOK season 2 maybe I’ll find more empirical data to confirm or deny my hypotheses.

…thirty minutes pass…

Once this all is over, he could probably make a ton of money by going into private practice. Dunno if he'd want to but hey, dating sims are expensive.

So, no real evidence for the “target is Keima” hypothesis.  Keima seemed more his usual self this ep. And Chihiro blew off her homework to lie in bed hating the rain, which is a thing happy people do less frequently than unhappy ones in my experience.  Still, I’m going to cling to my hypothesis until we actually see the soul come out of somebody else.  It ain’t over until the skinny geek sees the ending.

It was nice to see Ayumi again, though I would have liked to see literally any other of his previous conquests instead.  We saw Kanon too a little I guess.  I really enjoyed the parts of the episode where Keima went all Cyrano de Bergerac on Chihiro.  A little surprising that he knows how to capture dudes, but I guess you can’t call yourself a Capturing God unless you can clear the comedy option gay routes too.  I was really able to empathize with him when he put together a brilliant seduction plan, a work of genius, and then Chihiro ignored him to talk about TV.  It’s frustrating when you are helping someone else with a project but they are not taking it as seriously as you are.  And Keima takes romance very seriously.  But it’s almost as if… her ostensible goals are not her actual goals?  Her revealed preferences are different from her stated preferences?  That would mean she has an emptiness in her heart, which sucks for my hypothesis, but it means that this Chad Random fellow isn’t going to fill it.  Rather, she needs the love of a real man, like Keima.  Oh well.  That would be good too, if it happened, which it won’t, because the target is Keima not this Chihiro chick.

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