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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Episode 5

I don’t remember anything really important happening at the end of the last episode of Denpa Onna. I think they were going out to dinner at Applebees-equivalent to celebrate the protagonist being released from the hospital, or possibly jail. I know this show is based on a light novel series, so I’m thinking probably we are somewhere near a novel boundary. Which means that something important is probably about to happen! I dunno, they lost their “raisin detour” when they got Erio to admit she wasn’t an alien, now it’s just another show about redeeming a hikkikomori. Let’s see if they can rise above that in episode 5 of Denpa Onna.

…thirty minutes pass…

Hate when that happens.

So, they started down the path of rehabilitation of the hikkikomori in this episode.  Or possibly the path of just making her worse, if the candy shop lady rubs off on her and she backslides into her old delusions.  Still, you figure even bad social contact beats no social contact at all.  If she joins a millennial UFO cult, at least it’s getting her out of the house, and out of her futon so that her mom can put it to better use (pictured above).

It kinda sucks that Erio can’t get a (sane) job because she’s weird, because part of the reason she’s weird is because she hasn’t had a job.  This world is corrupt!  It’s shit like this that makes people turn to shady online diploma mills, although in Erio’s case if she had the money for that she could just go back to high school.

I dunno, Erio really doesn’t do it for me.  Her face and voice are supposed to be cute, I guess, but they just strike me as “off”.  She’s nice when she’s in the futon, because it covers both her face and voice, and there’s nothing wrong with her mannerisms really.  As they try to rehabilitate her, though, she’s likely to spend less and less time in the futon.  Oh well, we always have Meme and Ryuushi.


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