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SKET Dance – Episode 5

SKET Dance is a light and silly show, there isn’t much to talk about in terms of overarching themes. It’s pretty witty at times, and it’s got intellectual metahumor mixed in with the explosion sight-gags, and it’s attractively animated. Isn’t that enough? I think so. Not every show has to be a deep exploration of the human condition. Sometimes it’s ok to just be fun. Hopefully SKET Dance episode 5 will be fun.

…thirty minutes pass…

Switch gets shit done.

We finally got the Switch-centric episode I was hoping for.  We didn’t dig into any of his deep dark secrets, unless you count that he hangs out with creepy otaku.  But he hangs out with a lot of people, you know?  He’s like Jesus in that regard, or Jim Rockford of hit 70’s detective show The Rockford Files. Sometimes if you want to collect information, you have to break bread with prostitutes.

Again the mystery portion of the episode was kind of weak, but it didn’t matter.  The point wasn’t the mystery, it was following Switch around watching him be awesome at people.  I guess the other two members of the SKET-dan were pretty much audience stand-ins this episode, they were like, wouldn’t it be fun to go watch Switch do his thing, and we in the audience were like, yes.

Now that the Student Council is getting involved things might start to get interesting.  Are we going to see a multi-episode arc where the plucky SKET-dan uncovers corruption in the student government?  I hope not.  I’d rather have the Student Council be actually effective and honest and helpful toward the student body at large, and then the SKET-dan butts heads with them because they are making them look bad.  I think it’s instructive to look at the different ways the Student Council and the SKET-dan treated the samurai, though.  The SKET-dan helped him with his problem, while the Student Council demanded he properly wear the school uniform and stop carrying his sword.  Is this going to be an allegory about the differences between state coercive power and private charity in providing necessary social services to the disadvantaged?  Probably not, no.  But I can dream.


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