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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 5

Now let’s return to Hanasaku Iroha, the charming story of a girl working at an inn. It’s a little less sharp-edged than Denpa Onna, but its characters feel deep in their own way. As I recall recently the chef that Minchi has a crush on was seen slutting around with the heiress to the rival inn. Not sure if this was news to Minchi or if she has just been holding pain in her heart. She does seem like that sort of girl. Either way, things are getting serious and love-triangly, and the love triangle does not involve the protagonist so hopefully we will get to watch her try to help/meddle and make an earnest mess of things in episode 5 of Hanasaku Iroha.

…thirty minutes pass…

Oh god, it's spreading.

Not as strong an episode this time, I felt.  I enjoyed watching Minchi struggle with her feelings for Tohru, I guess, but the whole thing felt like the sort of miscommunicatory nonsense that I don’t like, the sort of thing that keeps me from watching farces.  A rumor gets out of hand, people take it too seriously, hilarity ensues, then at the end of the episode everything is cleared up and gosh those people who got worked up look foolish, haha.  Maybe if anyone talked to anyone ever you wouldn’t have these problems?

I will give them some credit, the farce was more believable than most.  Someone did actually think to ask whether the rumor was true, they just couldn’t get in touch with him (he didn’t have his cell phone?  what is this, White Album?).  It’s pretty believable that Minchi wouldn’t have communicated with him about his leaving because Minchi is adorably uncommunicative.  And it’s reasonable that he wouldn’t have stepped in to prevent confusion, because he was testing the love of his friends and coworkers.  (Only Ohana loved him enough to come after him.  Ohana <3)  He says he was testing Ren, but I think we’d all like to believe he was testing Minchi.  Except that means she failed.  Well, it’s better to fail a test of love than to be considered unworth testing.

I still like the rival inn granddaughter, and I like the erotic author now that he’s joined the staff.   Their brief appearances were highlights of the episode.


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