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The World God Only Knows 2 – Episode 4

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days, there is a tournament running for hit indie opensource roguelike Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. I am currently ranked 23rd! I bet I am going to slip a bunch as I start making more time for anime though. Let’s pick up The World God Only Knows, where they were hunting down a loose spirit that had uh… eaten the souls of the drama club? Talk about a light meal, no, more on the level of an amuse-bouche. Eat shit, my high school’s drama club! (I hate them so much.) Anyway, Keima is going to have to figure out how to fight ghosts not with smooth talk and seduction but with, like, fists. Seems like they ought to find a fighting gamer for this job instead. He could stretch his limbs to punch the ghost, or repeatedly face the camera and exclaim “Show me your moves”. Well, heroes are at their most heroic when forced to adapt to situations they are not prepared for. I look forward to seeing how Keima handles episode four of TWGOK 2.

…thirty minutes pass…

Time for hot demon lesbian makeouts.

I guess he doesn’t.  Man, I come to this show to watch Keima charm women using the power of cold unfeeling reason, not to watch Elsie make up/out with her old school buddy using the power of warm touchy-feely friendship.  Keima’s appearances in the episode were basically just to remind us that yes, he was still around.  Not that I don’t like Elsie, but I like her as Keima’s put-upon assistant, not a protagonist in her own right.

Speaking of which, it’s a little funny to be giving Elsie credit for those five captures she made, when Keima did basically all the heavy lifting.  Keima is so amazing at exorcism that he has been able to evict the souls before they grow very large at all, making the actual capture a formality.  Elsie and  Haqua had basically the same amount of experience in actual soul-capturing combat IMO.  Of course now Elsie has 1 to Haqua’s 0.  Owned, Haqua.

I’m hoping that episodes like this don’t become a trend.  This episode was fine, but I want a harem show with supernatural elements, not a supernatural show with harem elements.  In fact, you can skip the supernatural elements, even.  It’s looking like we might get more episodes like this, though.  Judging from the very end of the episode and also the racy pic in the next episode preview, Haqua is going to become a fixture of the show, and so there is a danger that now that they have two demon warriors they will transition to more of a battle anime style, with less cute firetruck obsession and more grim meditation on the horrors of war. That would be a shame.

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