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SKET Dance – Episode 4

Last episode of SKET Dance was Onihime centric, so I’m gonna guess that this episode will focus on Switch.  Maybe it will show us the deep buried trauma in his past about why he never talks.  Maybe it will show us his vast collection of imouto-themed visual novels.  Either one is fine with me!  I guess we could conceivably focus on Bossun, but I figure they are saving his arc for the end.  Also, he’s the least interesting character of them all, with his silly goggles and his need for authority and bah.  He’s a generic protagonist, and emblematic of what I don’t like in generic protagonists.  Let’s hope SKET Dance episode 4 is a Switch ep instead.

…thirty minutes pass…

Love the facial expressions in this show.

Well, this episode was back to the double-feature style.  We didn’t explore anyone’s dark past, it was all cheerful candies and drawings of cats.  I’ll take the two subepisodes separately.

Subepisode 1: the one about the manga artist girl.  They sure broke the fourth wall a lot, didn’t they?  Always “gosh this anime sure is old fashioned in its stylistic elements, haha” and things of that nature.  And yes, SKET Dance is kind of old fashioned, and I enjoy that about it, but pointing that out doesn’t count as a joke.  Breaking the fourth wall is like homosexuality – there can be good jokes made involving it, but it’s not funny in itself, and while objectively I realize there is nothing wrong with it it can still make me a little uncomfortable if it is being flaunted at me.  Anyway some of my best friends are self-aware comedies, but these jokes just fell flat.  And the whole thing felt kind of rushed.  They set up the situation, this girl comes in with a problem, it turns out that, shock and surprise, the situation they set up is related to the problem… and then the subepisode just ends?  We’re done, time to move on to a candy wrapper arc?  It was jarring.

Subepisode 2: the one about the disgusting lolipops.  This was a lot better paced, I felt.  Setup, problem, resolution, but they also included denouement, which makes all the difference in the world.  I liked how they humanized the villain from episode 1.  I really liked how they showed the SKET-dan to be a bunch of violent sociopaths.  They beat up this poor guy, stole $1000 from him and laughed about it.  When it turned out they had made a mistake, they gave him a bag of candy for his trouble and were like “but we’re keeping the $1000, owned idiot”.  So much for Support, Kindness, Encouragement and Troubleshoot.


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