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Kaiji 2 – Episode 4

When we last saw Kaiji, he was still playing that stupid dice game underground, hobiron or whatever it was called.  He had just been bankrupted which means… not a ton, really.  He’s still trapped in the hellish underground work camp, just like before he went bust.  I guess he has, like… 45 fewer dollars worth of snack budget a month?  And he’s forced to pay concession-stand prices for his snacks, so that’s more like 20 dollars, if that.  It seems like at this point it might be wiser to devote yourself to spiritual pursuits, and disregard the pleasures of the flesh, as you are permitted to indulge in so few of them anyway.  I guess if he could do that there would have been a million places he could have escaped the mafia’s clutches…  what you don’t have in your will you have to have in your dice.  Let’s see Kaiji uncover the foreman’s cheating in episode 4 of Kaiji season 2!

…thirty minutes pass…

Spoiler: it involves cheating at dice.

You know, you would think from a pure profit-maximization standpoint, healing your sick slave laborers so that they don’t die is better than not doing it.  I know medicine is expensive, but A) so are slaves B) couldn’t you loan them money out of their future paychecks and C) couldn’t you offer some sort of health insurance cart next to the snacks cart?  I know you like gambling, insurance is sort of like gambling. Anyway are we still not done with this arc?  Holy god.  This is going to be like Madoka Magica, where I kept waiting for Madoka to turn into a magical girl.  Kaiji season 2 takes place entirely underground and is about various people scamming each other out of dozens, sometimes even hundreds of dollars of snack money at some dice game whose name I can never remember.  Get hype. I am enjoying it, even though the plot is a little slow.  But I seriously think we have wrung all the interest out of Chinchillarin and then some, so if we have not moved to a new arc by next episode I’ll… write a blog post about how upset I am that we have not moved to a new arc.


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