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Hanasaku Iroha – Episode 4

When we last saw Ohana and the Hanasaku Iroha bunch, they had just finished engaging in a bunch of drama about passionate artists, kidnapping plots, suicide, late rent money, and all sorts of serious business.  Hopefully that trend won’t continue.  Hopefully we can get some more subdued slice of life stuff featuring Ohana reacting earnestly to various situations.  Hopefully she will go to school!  There was a school uniform in the OP, I am watching eagerly for it to show up in the show properly.  These hopes and more I have for Hanasaku Iroha episode 4.

…thirty minutes pass…

It is like they read my mind.

Phew!  Looks like last episode really was an outlier.  This episode was jam packed with school comedy slice-of-life goodness.  She got to meet her classmates and integrate into the class!  She got a rival.  Even if she doesn’t know it yet, the heiress of the other inn is definitely her rival.  With that hairdo, how could she be anything else?   We got to see them talking about the boys they like, or definitely don’t like, it’s not like that, he’s just this guy, or whatever.  We even got a steamy bath scene (!) over which they talked about feelings (!!).  And there was a big scary heron that made a mess of Ohana’s pots and pans.  This show sure knows how to push my buttons.

It looks like the show is now headed into romantic drama territory, with Minchi’s boy-she-definitely-doesn’t-like hanging out with another girl.  I have enjoyed a romantic drama or two in my time, sure.  It usually depends on the underlying quality of the show, whether I can be brought to care about the characters.  I feel like I can care about Minchi.  It’d be more definite if it were Ohana herself having relationship trouble, though.  She needs to get on videoskype or whatever the kids are using these days and catch Kou-chan with another woman (or worse, another man).  I feel like I could take an interest in that.  It might ruin her optimistic earnest outlook, though.  No sense in killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, no sense in actually making the characters in your coming of age story grow up a little when you can still wring so many more episodes out of them being scared of birds and unable to properly present a grilled fish dish to customers.


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