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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – Episode 3

Let’s keep up the Denpa Onna pace.  We’re about to see if this show is going to take a turn for the serious and hard-to-watch, although I’m sure Shaft could make it interesting even if it did.  This is nothing like the cool and funny Arakawa Under the Bridge-alike I expected going into the season.  Why can’t we focus more on the aunt?  She seems cool and fun.  And she’s only thirty-nine years old, which if I am doing the math correctly means she had Erio when she was 13?  No wonder she’s so screwed up.  You can choose either salient female referent there, I am not picky.  Rather than resolve our anaphora, let’s watch episode 3 of Denpa Onna!

…thirty minutes pass…

Oh, ok. That makes perfect sense then.

It turns out I did not do the math correctly.  Holy crap, she’s 39?  So old.  Well, I got everything I could have wanted out of this episode – detailed discussion of the circumstances of Erio’s birth, and lots of time spent with the aunt. I don’t usually go for the older lady types, but there is something about her relentless, cheerful trolling that I find hard to dislike.  I would probably like it less if it were directed at me, though.

The date with Ryuushi was pretty fun too.  She seemed to be trying too hard, but that’s sort of her nature.  When she started talking about the world’s magical mysteries I couldn’t help but remember this video.  It’s perfectly ok to maintain a healthy sense of awe toward all the complex interactions present in reality, but you shouldn’t take joy in being unable to explain things, like why a bicycle goes faster than a person.  (A bicycle that is not Erio’s at least.)  Maybe we don’t know as much as we think, but we can make some pretty good guesses about a bunch of stuff.  Maybe if you learned about how, say, friction works, you would find the answer to why bicycles go fast even more amazing then the question!  Or not.  Physics isn’t for everybody, and it usually isn’t for the sort of people who play the sort of life-strategies you do.

Speaking of life-strategies, somebody should warn our protagonist that it is generally considered impolite to try to make people not believe false things.  I know, I know, it seems like it is an act of charity and kindness, on par with patching up their leaking tires, but for some reason when people make false claims and you say “prove it” and they can’t, you are the bad guy in the eyes of society.  I’m not making any value judgments here, I’m just saying.  If you want to get along in your new town, a little observance of social niceties might be wise.


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